13 Genius Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger!

13 Genius Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger!
Who doesn’t want a big, spacious room to let that beautiful sunlight come in and let your favourite showpieces hang?! Wouldn't it be super cool to have a big room? Or even just some extra living space?! Here are 13 ways to make your room appear bigger!

1. The Right Lighting

1 room look bigger

Ditch the overhead lights and get some lamps. The mood lighting will make the room seem bigger and the light too will seem more even.

2. Mirror Mirror!

Find a spot in your room where you can hang a huge mirror. The reflection will allow the room to look like it has more depth and make it seem larger.

3. Bed Time!

Move your bed to the side of the room and face it away from the door. This should give you a lot of extra room to keep that couch or bean bag you always wanted.

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4. More Shelves

4 room look bigger

Mounting shelves on the walls will give you a lot of space to store books/ old DVDs. The higher you build the shelves; the more storage space you will suddenly have! Plus, the height of the shelf will make the room appear taller too!

5. Splash of Colour!

Add a feature wall to your room! This means painting one wall with a bright, bold colour while the rest remain neutral. Choose the wall that is furthest from the door and preferably pick a colours that’s not very dark.

6. Organisational Units

These are super handy and take up almost no space in your room! Use them to store old toys and unwanted clutter! They work great for makeup too!

7. Keep It Clean!

7 room look bigger

As simple as it may seem, keeping your room clutter and clothes free will certainly make it appear more spacious and well organized! Neat vibes, girls!

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8. Wallpaper Where?!

Get some super funky wallpaper and keep it going till your ceiling! The effect will give the illusion of height!

9. Little Space For More

Set your furniture a couple of inches away from the wall, the hidden space will give the room an impression of being bigger than it actually is!

10. Trinket Boxes And Trunks

10 room look bigger

Double up decorative items as storage units to save space! Coloured vintage boxes not only look really funky, but also have a host of space for storage!

11. Under The Bed!

Use the space underneath your bed to store shoes/ bags or items that take up chunky amounts of space in your room! You can put them in polythene covers or wrap them in fabric bags.

12. Rugs and Carpets

Get a stripy carpet because stripes elongate the space! You could even get a couple of smaller rugs to break up the space in your room and have some variety.

13. Blinds and Curtains

13 room look bigger

This tip is especially for the day. Leave your blinds open during the day! The natural light will lift the appearance of your room and the view will only enhance what is already there!

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