Newly Single? 13 Love Mistakes To Avoid For Your Next Romance!

Newly Single? 13 Love Mistakes To Avoid For Your Next Romance!
Being lured back into the dating game as a newly single woman, takes some doing! But, as they say, "there are plenty more fish in the sea". So, why should you miss out?! It might help to reflect on the mistakes you might have made in the past so that you know how to handle things differently this time round! Read on to hear our top dating tips!

1. Don't Fall Out Of Love With Love

Okay, it didn't work out last time. That doesn't mean that you should give up on love altogether. Have faith and trust the process!

2. No Bullshit, No "Bad Boys"

Don't go back to THAT guy who keeps texting you just because you want some form of attention. He wasn't worth it when you were in a relationship and he isn't worth it now!

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3. Expectations Vs Reality

Not all dates turn into relationships. Enjoy the fact that you are getting to meet new people and don't let your expectations lead you astray. Live in the moment!

4. The Real You

It's difficult to find the line between allowing someone get to know you and becoming vulnerable. Take your time - but don't put out a fake version of yourself into the world.

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5. Ex Talk

Be careful about how much you mention your ex! Even to your friends - it's a sure fire way of indicating that you may not be over him yet or ready to date!

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6. You Are MORE Than Enough For Yourself

Remember this and remember it clearly! You do not NEED a man in your life. If you want one, then go out and seek him - but don't let habit and attachment dictate your dating life!

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7. Learn To Say Yes!

You're single now, so why are you saying no to invitations that come your way without any reason?! Get out there because it's time for you to slay!

8. Learn To Say No!

Equally enough, make sure you also learn how to say a polite "no, thank you" to the things that you don't feel comfortable with. This goes for dating too - be careful to not make yourself appear too available.

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9. Bedroom Biology

How long should you wait before sleeping with someone new? Well, it's up to you! But studies do say that jumping into bed with him on the first date might give him the impression that you are not looking for anything long term. So assess the situation accordingly!

10. Pity Party For One?

We know it is a hard world out there for a newly single woman. You're just getting your groove back and then, *boom* some memory comes and attacks your heart from nowhere. IT WILL BE OKAY, eventually. So, get a grip on your emotions and move ahead with your head up and a smile!

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11. Selfish Vs Selfless

Were you too selfish in your last relationship? Or were you too selfless? You need to find the balance between the two to make sure you have a healthy and balanced dating life!

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12. Is He THE One?

Don't get caught up wondering about the future of your new beau and you. He could end up being the one - he could also end up being one of many. You have to wipe the slate clean, hit refresh and allow things to unfold naturally.

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13. The Journey

Don't get too occupied by thinking about the outcome of being in the dating game. After all, part of being single is the experience of dating different people in the first place. So take your time and enjoy the ride!

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