How A Long Distance Relationship Can Actually Be A Good Thing

How A Long Distance Relationship Can Actually Be A Good Thing
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! If you have been in the same city as your partner since the beginning of your relationship and now are on the brink of going down the LDR road, then it may feel like a lemon thrown your way. Yes, long distance relationships can be hard. Distance, time zones and a whole lot of other things seem to suddenly become prominent and pose as challenges. But relax, ladies, because here’s some long distance relationship advice coming your way! Don’t let the distance make you frown, but put a smile on your face instead!

1. Yes, it will be hard to be apart, but distance makes the heart grow fonder!

Knowing that you cannot be with each other all the time, your emotions of love and care will grow more profound.

1 long distance relationship advice

2. You will explore opportunities and hobbies and basically tick off some stuff from your bucket list!

It’s not like being in a relationship was hampering any of this, but now you will have a lil' more time to do all this. Sure, you are going to miss having each other around, but you can use this time to think more actively about your career, your hobbies and interests.

3. If you can get through this, you can get through almost anything!

Trust is important in every kind of relationship, but more so in a long distance one. You will have your fights and arguments and the “I-am-pissed-at-you-but-won't-tell-you phases.” But in the end if you can work it all out, you've made it through. Along the way, you will both develop stronger faith in each other and a better understanding of who your partner really is.

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4. Now you will be able to do all the long distance romantic stuff, and trust us, it's fun!

Long handwritten letters, unexpected presents, surprises, flowers arriving out of the blue… It’s fun! You get to do all this and also be at the receiving end of it all. There will always be an element of excitement and mystery and longing!

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5. You will learn the best kept secret of LDR!

The ability to live apart and be happy! Because you cannot possibly be happy as a couple if you both are unhappy in your own lives. You cannot be with each other every single second for the rest of your lives, so you both need to learn to be happy even when you are not around each other. That, ladies, is the solution to a lot of issues, trust us!

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6. You always make it for ladies nights and slumber parties!

Not like you didn’t or couldn’t do these things when he was around, but now you can step up your game a lil' and have some more of those crazy nights with your besties. And no, you do not have to feel guilty about doing this. It is actually very healthy to keep your social life upbeat and alive!

7. You will make many of your travel plans together!

Either you will travel to his town or vice versa or you guys will choose a common place to meet each other. This means more travelling and adventure. Travelling with your partner teaches you SO many things about each other. Plus, it’s super romantic. So it’s a win-win!

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8. You will realize you do not, necessarily, need to be with each other physically in order to be intimate…

Intimacy will take a whole new meaning once you are in a long distance relationship. You will realize that although you cannot hug him or cuddle with him, you can still be intimate with him and it’s so...comforting.

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9. You will become stronger than ever!

As a couple and as a person. As a couple, you will learn to trust each other, and at times let each other be. You will learn that not everything is worth a fight or an argument. As an individual, you become more patient, loving and caring.

9 long distance relationship advice

10. Finally meeting him after a LONG time will be an inexplicable feeling!

Best. Feeling. Ever! <3

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