The Rujuta Diwekar Diet For Kareena Kapoor, Just For You!

The Rujuta Diwekar Diet For Kareena Kapoor, Just For You!

You know how Kareena Kapoor Khan took the world by storm, by simply shedding the extra kilos and donning a bikini for a movie, way back in the year 2007? The secret behind her new found gorgeous figure was Sports Science Nutrition expert Rujuta Diwekar. The best part is that the Rujuta Diwekar diet plan for Kareena didn't involve dieting at all! From eating every two hours to eating whatever she liked and then losing weight, Kareena could literally have her cake and eat it too. What the star eats, depends majorly on where she is at any given point of time. There's no set menu that she follows daily, but yes, there is a set philosophy that Kareena abides by when it comes to food. We managed to coax Rujuta, author of Don't Lose Out, Work Out! to give us a peek into the pretty actor's palate. Here's the Kareena Kapoor diet coming your way!

Rujuta Diwekar diet

The four Nutrition Strategies for Kareena:

1. Eat Local, Think Global.

Momos in Ladakh, Idlis in Kerala, Biryani in Hyderabad - don't miss out on the best things a destination has to offer, just because you are on a diet! Kareena loves local fruits like banana, sapota, custard apple and mango. She does avoid fruits that cross continents to get on her plate though.

2. Portion Size

Listen to your stomach to identify the right quantity of food at every meal. Avoid overeating to enjoy a little bit of everything. This may come across as shocking, but Kareena eats dollops of homemade ghee in her food and even eats rice as they are good for overall health.

3. Food Planning

Involve yourself with the process of growing your own food to ensure that the quality is top notch, fresh and grown with minimum pesticides and insecticides. Eating homemade foods is the best thing you can do to stay healthy and not put on weight. Kareena avoids anything that screams Low-Carb, Fat-Free or Fibre-Enriched as she realised that these are just unhealthy ingredients cleverly worded.

4. Beyond Calories

Stop counting calories and focus on counting your nutrients instead. Patronise local foods, fresh ingredients and cook using timeless, handed down from one generation to another family recipes. Kareena's favourite meal, by the way, is the extremely humble Khichdi Kadhi.

The four principles to eating right by Kareena:

1. Never wake up to tea or coffee. A healthier option is to eat real food instead, within 10 minutes of waking up.

POPxo says: Ditch the caffeine and opt for scrambled eggs, spicy poha (flattened rice), dosas instead.

2. Eat every 2 hours to accelerate fat burning.

POPxo says: Don't wait till your hungry, ever! Eating before the hunger pangs begin to creep is a great way to keep your metabolism in check. Translation: A slimmer you.

3. Eat according to the activity levels, more active eat more, less active eat less.

POPxo says: Duh! We know that you knew that already, but given that those with sedentary jobs succumb to a lot of 'junk eating' out of sheer boredom, it's good to reiterate this point as often as we can.

4. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours between the last meal and bedtime.

POPxo says: The body tends to process all the food consumed in the late hours at a slower rate, so maintain a 2-4 hour gap between dinner and bedtime. The result will be better sleep, overall health and a happier you.