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Dear Bride-To-Be, It’s OKAY To Freak Out A Bit About The Shaadi

Dear Bride-To-Be, It’s OKAY To Freak Out A Bit About The Shaadi

Dear Bride-to-be, You’ve been through months of wedding planning and running around to make your big day nothing short of perfect! It’s natural that ultimately some things will happen just the way you wanted them to, and some that you won’t be too happy about. Therefore, let us lay things in a straightforward manner in front of you – no matter how calm you try to be, there WILL be certain things you’ll freak out about, and that’s OK. It happens to the best of us, ladies.
For starters, you didn’t hit your target weight even though you were on a strict diet for the last 4 months! Or your skin isn’t as even-toned as you’d hoped it would be on you big day. It is a big deal, we get it. But give yourself a look in the mirror – you look gorgeous anyway! Happy brides are the prettiest – let those “excess” kilos not be a wet blanket for all the happiness and festivities around you. 2 freak out at your wedding Next, if the shade of the drapes or the colour of the floral work at the wedding venue isn’t exactly as you saw in the picture from Pinterest, it is OKAY! There’s bound to be some difference between a picture and reality, after all. It looks gorgeous anyway and will make for a picturesque backdrop for all those wedding photos - we promise. Your wedding is something that you’ve waited for anxiously all your life. So enjoy it to the fullest! A grumpy aunt or a sozzled uncle and his shenanigans at your wedding should be the last of your concerns. You’re starting a new life – celebrate and make as many memories of the day as you can. There will be glitches – let’s face it. But don’t let them dampen your spirit, ladies. 2 freak out at your wedding (1) You missed out on involving your bestie in one of the important ceremonies or you were in a hurry and you didn’t greet an uncle the way you should have – everyone gets that there is a lot going on for you and will cut you some slack anyway. You’re the bride, after all! Some of these little things may seem like a big deal at the time, but take it from us, ladies, you’re attracting nothing but love and best wishes from all those who are really important to you. So just breathe, and be happy.
Also read: “I’ll Have A Man In My Bed!” 10 Panic Attacks EVERY Bride Has! Delay in ceremonies, not getting enough sleep followed by puffy eyes the next day, last minute cancellations by guests, or too much of a crowd at the venue – these are things that cannot be foreseen; Besides, there is a fix for EVERYTHING, ladies. So don’t worry yourself silly. You never expected everything to happen smoothly, did you, bride-to-be? And where’s the excitement without any of these hurdles, we ask. ;-) To round it up, all we have to say to you, dear bride-to-be, is that you must remember that your wedding day is the most special day of your life. So while it’s normal to freak out about certain things, you’ve got to just take things easy and enjoy your D-day to the fullest, and more! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Sep 8, 2016
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