8 Ideas To Make Your Date With Him The Most Special One Yet!

8 Ideas To Make Your Date With Him The Most Special One Yet!
The main aim of any date is to woo your man like never before and spend some much needed quality time with him. You want him to have a good time and look forward to going on other dates with you. If you need some love inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 ideas to make *the date* even more special!

1. A long romantic walk

Just a stroll in the park, holding hands and whispering sweet nothings into his ear before you start your actual date. Ahh, doesn’t that sound dreamy already?

1 ideas to make the date special

2. Back to the past

The key here is to visit a place that’s close to your man’s heart. It could be his school, a small coffee shop or even his favourite video game parlour. He has fond memories with these places and you wanting to know about them better, is a gesture he will cherish.

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3. Something’s cooking?!

Spice things up by calling him over and having him prepare a meal with you! You can either try out your mom’s recipes or just hit YouTube and watch a sea of cooking tutorials. Trust us, food brings couples closer and your man will vouch that fact too!

3 ideas to make the date special

4. Visit a theme park

Theme parks are a perfect way to let the inner child in you run loose. It’s fun, adventurous and it will be remembered for a lifetime! Plus, it'll definitely give you a much needed break from your daily routine. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can. <3

5. Let the games begin

Tried playing Uno or Scrabble on a date? Well, what are you waiting for?! Games are perfect for breaking the ice and to keep the conversation rolling. You can even try a drinking game or two if you're up for it! 

5 ideas to make the date special

6. Write a poem, sing a song or make a collage

Imagine someone reciting a poem or singing a song they carefully put together for you. Heartwarming, right? If it seems too tough, just dedicate and perform a song for him on a karaoke night! And, that very idea will make your date more memorable and really special.

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7. Candlelight dinner with soft music

This one’s a classic for a reason. It’s not only really romantic, but the vibe, ambience and romance will keep that spark burning for a long time. So, bring out the candles when he's least expecting it and make that date amazing for the both of you!

7 ideas to make the date special

8. Make a spontaneous road trip plan

Very random indeed, but nevertheless, quite memorable. You don’t need to prepare much for this one. Just plan to get in the car, pick him up, turn up the radio and drive off with the love of your life for a lunch that is a bit out of the city - it could even be a very famous dhaba on the highway!   

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