10 Ways Having Sex Changes You (Not Just Physically!)

10 Ways Having Sex Changes You (Not Just Physically!)
Before one starts having sex, all they can think about is what it would feel like, how it would work and if it is going be magical like the movies show it to be. Once you finally start having sex, you realize that the movies lied to you and there aren’t fireworks always...it takes time, practice and the right person to get there. Sex does change a person in many ways… Here are a few of them!

1. Sex can make a person more confident

If a woman is open to having sex and is doing it often, it means that she is becoming comfortable being naked with someone else. You start realizing that there is nothing to hide. And when a man appreciates or compliments you, just the way you are - without the clothes, lingerie, makeup - you grow more comfortable with your body and, in turn, more confident with how you look.

1 How sex changes you

2. Sex makes a person lose weight

Sex is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise as it involves almost your whole body. Sex also makes you sleep better. Your sleeping pattern affects your health and weight too. Also, it tones your muscles. So overall, it makes you healthier!

3. Sex makes a person happier

Endorphins are released during sex and endorphins act as natural mood-boosters and stress relievers. Endorphins are also known as the “feel-good hormones".

3 How sex changes you

4. Sex brings two people closer

It’s true. When a person orgasms, her/his brain literally stops functioning. While this happens, there is a rush of oxytocin (also known as the trust hormone). These hormones makes a person want to trust whoever they had sex with.

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5. Sex can make you feel more attached

This happens more with women since they tend to produce more oxytocin after sex than men, which makes them feel more attached to the person they are with. Women are oxytocin dependant because they have been conditioned to be so since childhood.

5 How sex changes you

6. Sex makes a person more courageous

After having sex for a certain period of time, everyone wants to experiment, even if it is just a little, in bed. This in turn makes the person experiment with more things in life, in general too. It gives courage to a person who has always been sceptical about trying a few new things.

7. Sex makes you want more of it

Well, it’s an intense release of hormones that makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Why wouldn’t anyone want more of it?!

7 How sex changes you

8. Sex makes a person more...tidy

If one knows she is going to get laid, she will make an effort to change the sheets, clean the loos, stock up on toilet paper, all the hygienic stuff.

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9. Sex makes a person smarter

Yay! It does wonderful things for a person’s intelligence. It helps in boosting memory, it increases growth of brain cells and it also enhances a person’s analytic skills.

9 How sex changes you

10. Sex could actually just be the only remedy you need

For everything that is wrong with you, you can actually fight it with SEX. Cold, menstrual cramps, a headache, bodyache, wrinkles, insomnia... Sex can help resolve all of these problems for you and make you a fitter and happier person.

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