Dress from an old silk sari

#FashionDiaries: I Turned My Mom's Saree Into A Gorgeous Dress!

Shivani Shrivastava

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I moved to Mumbai last year for my post graduation. Living away from my family wasn’t easy. Even though I managed to visit home once every 2-3 months, I was homesick almost the entire time. Not just because I missed home but also because my sister’s wedding was on the cards.

Everyone loves a shaadi ka ghar and when it’s your own sister, the fun gets doubled. I remember it was some time in February that we decided on an engagement date - 26th March, 2016 was set as the D-day!

I was happy and confused at the same. Happy because my sister was finally getting engaged and confused because I literally had no time to even decide what I would wear. I was in Mumbai for my placements and there was no time for me to shop or help my family with the preps.

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I had a super hectic schedule at college. The only free time I got was on the weekends. I went to malls and different markets. I explored places like Colaba and Bandra but couldn’t find anything. I even went to different boutiques at Peddar road but everything was either too expensive or not available in my size. I was literally running out of time and it was just so frustrating. I wanted to look my best and therefore I was not ready to compromise.

internal Dress from an old silk sari

One evening, on my way back to my PG I was supposed to collect two kurtis which I had given to my colony tailor for stitching. I entered his small boutique, collected my kurtis, paid him and left. While I was climbing the stairs of my building, it suddenly struck me, what if I get my outfit stitched? Instead of spending a bomb on designers clothes, I could buy some dress material and get a customized outfit stitched exactly the way I wanted it to be. I immediately went back to the tailor’s shop and asked him if he can stitch a dress for me and he agreed.

I called my mom and asked her to courier me one of her old silk saris. The next day, during my lunch break, I went to Crawford - a wholesale market in South Mumbai. It was so much like Chandni Chowk in Delhi. My excitement was at its peak. I bought gota from Kinari Bazaar, some cloth material from Mangaldas and latkans from Pyodhani.

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My courier was supposed to arrive the next afternoon and as soon as it got delivered, I took all the dress material and went straight to my tailor. I explained him the design and how I wanted my outfit to look like. He took my measurements and noted everything carefully. When I asked him when he’d be done with my dress, he said he’d take two days. TWO DAYS? I mean JUST two days? For someone like me, who has been getting clothes stitched from tailors since I was 16, it was a surprise. I told him that he can take some more time and then give it to me but he insisted.

Only I know how I waited for those two days to pass. I was so excited to look at my outfit that I missed one of my lectures and went straight to collect it. The tailor handed over my dress and WOW! He had transformed the silk sari into something beautiful. I loved every bit of it and I was so excited to wear it. It fit me perfectly and I was SO happy. The whole outfit, along with stitching and dress material, costed me around Rs 3,000. I was glad I decided to get my outfit stitched. Also, kudos to that tailor who made it perfectly and in less than two days. Now that I’m back in Delhi, I really wish I could find a tailor as awesome as the one I had in Mumbai.
Published on Sep 25, 2016
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