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12 Stunning Engagement Rings You’ll Never Want To Take Off!

12 Stunning Engagement Rings You’ll Never Want To Take Off!

Always dreamt of that special day when your man will go down on his knees and slip that sparkling rock on your finger? There’s no point denying it - we’ve all fantasized about it! The moment AND that ring! So if your engagement date is coming closer and all you’ve been doing is looking at ring designs, here are some more! Check out these 12 absolutely gorgeous engagement rings.

1. A diamond flower

1 gorgeous engagement rings For the girl who loves everything floral, this diamond ring set in 18kt white gold is just perfect. It’s delicate and pretty and will look good with almost all your outfits. Price: Rs 28,367 approx. Buy it here.

2. Pretty pinks

2 gorgeous engagement rings Do you love coloured stones just as much as us? This 14kt gold ring comes with beautiful pink precious stones and is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments wherever you go! Price: Rs 10,112 approx. Buy it here.

3. An elegant affair

3 gorgeous engagement rings White gold looks absolutely elegant and we love the simplistic style of this 14kt gold and diamond ring. It’s a classic and will never ever go out of fashion. Price: Rs 11,774 approx. Buy it here.

4. A designer dream

4 gorgeous engagement rings An 18kt yellow gold ring with diamonds, what makes this one stand out is the interesting design. The criss-cross pattern gives the ring a stylish new spin. Price: Rs 10,000 approx. Buy it here.

5. The leaf shape

5 gorgeous engagement rings Featuring an 18kt gold band, the top is set with gorgeous diamonds. What really does make it a perfect choice for your engagement is that stunning red ruby in the centre. Wow!
Price: Rs 33,532 approx. Buy it here.

6. The crowning effect

6 gorgeous engagement rings This one looks just like a crown, right?! And it sure is one gorgeous piece. For the bride who only wants the best for herself, this 14kt gold and diamond ring sure makes the cut. Price: Rs 19,426 approx. Buy it here.

7. Put the heart in it

7 gorgeous engagement rings (1) A delicate 18kt rose gold and diamond ring, we can only imagine how gorgeous this one will look on the ring finger. The symbol of love - a beautiful diamond heart - completes the look of this forever jewellery piece. Price: Rs 13,000 approx. Buy it here.

8. The classic round

8 gorgeous engagement rings One can never go wrong with the classic round shaped ring. An 18kt white gold ring, this one will look beautiful forever and ever. Price: Rs 21,560 approx. Buy it here.

9. For the stylish bride

9 gorgeous engagement rings A delicate design that you’ll love more and more every time you look at it. If you want a perfectly stylish ring then this 18kt gold and diamond piece is something you’ll love. Price: Rs 16,330 approx. Buy it here.

10. The traditional ring

10 gorgeous engagement rings Featuring a divine trishul, this one’s for the bride who is looking for something traditional. What we love is that nothing about the ring is too OTT and that sparkling diamond totally stands out.
Price: Rs 13,000 approx. Buy it here.

11. Oh so gorge!

11 gorgeous engagement rings Such a stunner this one! That gorgeous rock set in 18kt white gold totally makes this piece one of a kind. Price: Rs 47,937 approx. Buy it here.

12. Sweet and simple

12 gorgeous engagement rings It’s the one jewellery piece you’ll be wearing forever. And sometimes, simple is the way to go. This minimal yet elegant design is pure perfection. Price: Rs 19,770 approx. Buy it here. Remember, you’ll be wearing this symbol of love all your life. Take your time and select the one that really does make your heart flutter! Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Sep 28, 2016
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