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No “Waxing Aunty” & 9 Other Things You’ll Get If You Shave!

No “Waxing Aunty” & 9 Other Things You’ll Get If You Shave!

Unwanted hair is every woman’s arch nemesis. We all wish we could wield a magic wand and miraculously make it disappear. One *swoosh* and those pesky little buggers would be gone forever. Till they invent this much needed wand, our best go-to option is - the razor. All girls prefer shaving not only because it’s pain free but also because it saves a lot of time. And even though we have all honed our shaving skills and have it down to an art, here are 10 things that we will always relate to.

1.  You saved a fortune!

The feeling of saving time and money by avoiding a waxing session is priceless. Razors are fairly inexpensive and you always feel like you have saved a small fortune by not splurging on a full body wax. Also, why in the world should we pay a woman to cause us a world of pain - when we can get the same results with our trusty razor. Girls who shave4

2. That smooth feeling though!

Every girl who uses a razor knows that amazing feeling she gets right after shaving. We can’t help but bask in the glory of our super smooth limbs. Make way Victoria Secret models! Our legs look as good as yours. Smooth AF!

3. Nick in time

We may be pros at shaving but even the best of us messes up sometimes. A nick once in awhile is bound to happen, especially if you get too cocky and aren’t paying enough attention to the task at hand. But if you are tired of hurting yourself while shaving then the new Gillette Venus razor is your new best friend. The lubricating aloe strip that comes with it gives you a smoother shave and also indicates when it’s time to change your razor. Win-Win! girls who shave3

4. Fear of missing a spot

The fear is real. Especially when we shave in a hurry and are racing against time to get ready. There are times when we miss a spot and discover it later, or (more embarrassingly) somebody else discovers it and points it out. And then we spend the rest of the day obsessing over that tiny patch of hair. Relatable? We are sure!

5. If you shave to meet a boy, he must be damn special!

Not that it matters and maybe boys don’t give it a second thought but consider this a serious message, boys - If we shave for you, we are taking you very very seriously. We don’t shave for just anybody, we are making an effort. Appreciate it. Thanks! girls who shave2

6. Getaway ready!

A spur-of-the-moment plan with your girls for a weekend getaway and you want to wear your favourite swimsuit? Only problem being that you have to leave within an hour and all you can do is pack your essentials? Most girls would go into panic mode but not you. Shaving will ensure that you glide through the situation like a boss! And you are the first one to hit the pool.

7. Your outfits don’t depend on anything but your mood ;)

Well, it’s that simple, because the only thing that will keep you from wearing your favourite little black dress is your own will to wear it. For a lot of girls, their outfit for a party or a date depends on their body hair. Dresses and shorts for days when you are waxed and jeans and tights for when the hair becomes a bit too unsightly? Nahh! Who wants to be all covered up when you can show off those long pins anyway? girls who shave 1

8. Slipping...slipping away!

You know that feeling when you have soap all over your hands and you’re about to start shaving but the razor slips? Worse yet, it slips and cuts you? We’ve all been there and, honestly, it's quite scary. Not anymore though! The Gillette Venus razor has a specially designed handle for a great grip to keep it from slipping out of your hand. No more walking around the bathroom in nothing but your bathing suit feeling completely awkward.

9. Those waxing wali aunties...nooooo!

You know what you save on the most? Meeting those nosy waxing ladies who want to know everything about your personal life. Sometimes, all you want is to get rid of all that body hair in peace. But nope, parlour aunties are having none of that peaceful nonsense. “Beta, you should use this chocolate wax” and “Beta, your skin is absolutely ruined” - we’re done with unsolicited advice, aunty. Sorry, but not sorry! girls who shave

10. Shaving hacks only you know about

There are days when you’re lazy and just don’t want to shave an entire leg or an entire arm. And why do it when only some part of your leg is going to be visible? That’s when those shaving hacks come into play, where you shave one half of your leg while leaving the hair on the rest of it to grow wild and free. #ShamelessConfession GIFs: Giphy *This is a sponsored post for Gillette Venus.
Published on Sep 27, 2016
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