Bestie Ki Shaadi Fixed? 14 Sweet, Unique Gifts For Her Roka!

Bestie Ki Shaadi Fixed? 14 Sweet, Unique Gifts For Her Roka!
Your best friend just called you to share the exciting news - she's engaged! Of course you want to give her something special at this special moment. Here’s some help for you - we’ve got some super-cute gift ideas for your bride-to-be bestie that she’s going to love!

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1. Wedding planner

As she begins to plan the wedding, something that entails so many to-do lists and details - a planning binder/ organizer is just what she needs. Customize it with checklists, cut-outs, calendars, budget worksheets and answers to the most frequently asked wedding questions. Make it fun and extremely useful!

2. A collection of home recipes

You could either give her a cookbook from her favourite chef or compile a recipe book of all the dishes that she loves. You could take some guidance from her mum for this. She will thank you for the rest of her married life!

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3. Plant a life

Give her a small plant of her favourite flower or herb and let her water it every day and watch it grow. A metaphor for the new life she’s started, and a daily reminder of you too!

3 gift ideas for your bestie

4. A funky Mr. & Mrs. nameplate

Something nice and quirky for her to start her new life with. For instance, Mr. Perfect & Mrs. Kitch, or something like Mr. Geek and Mrs. Pink! They could hang it on their bedroom door or wherever else they like.

5. Bling it on

How about some really trendy statement jewellery like jhumkas or a bracelet? She’ll need it for all those post-wedding parties anyway.

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6. Charmed

Think of a cute charms bracelet with all the things you both love. Cupcakes, the Eiffel Tower, a puppy…. Make it all about the both of you.

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7. On a personal note

Of course she will be doing all her lingerie shopping herself, but how about getting her some naughty stuff like handcuffs, feather bras, or a chocolate massage kit?

8. Sweet nothings

Send your words of congratulations on customized cupcakes! Mix and match flavors and decorations like rings, flowers, etc.

9. Framed

Her special moment needs to be framed in a special frame. Get her a beautiful silver or pearl- studded frame and place in it a picture of both of you. It's elegant and thoughtful too.

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10. Customized tee

A cute tee with a “Bride-To-Be” or a “Beware: She is a Bridezilla” or a “Taken” printed on it is perfect to flaunt her new status, and is a fun present too.

11. For the honeymoon

Get her a travel kit with accessories like a personalized luggage tag, matching passport cases, etc. She will love you to the moon and back. ;-).

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12. Bliss trip

She is going to be under a lot of stress preparing for her big day, and a little pampering would be more than welcome. Get her vouchers for day spas and some foot massages perhaps.

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13. Booked

Get her a batch of books that are easy to read and totally fun to take her mind off the wedding planning stress.

14. Read on

Get her a subscription of some of the best wedding magazines in town from where she can pick and choose ideas for her big day.

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