Small Closet, Lots Of Clothes? 9 Genius Hacks You NEED To Know!

Small Closet, Lots Of Clothes? 9 Genius Hacks You NEED To Know!
Keeping your closet organized and tidy is always a challenge! We’re always complaining about not having enough space to keep our clothes. Since all of us have trouble organizing our clothes, shoes and accessories, we thought of making life (and dressing up) so much easier! Here are 9 genius hacks that’ll help you manage your closet in a better way!

1. Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff

1 hacks for a small closet

Nobody likes to be told that, right? But think about it - most of the times there’s no space in your closet for the new clothes you bought because some really old ones are still hanging in there! Getting rid of some of the unwanted stuff in your closet could help you create more space than you think. As a general rule, if you haven’t worn something in 6 to 8 months, you should get rid of it.

2. Vertical Hangers Are Your Saviour

2 hacks for a small closet

If your closet has very little hanging space, you must invest in vertical hangers! It’ll help you stack all similar items together at one spot. Get them here. Wondering why did this never cross our mind before?!

3. Make Use Of The Door Space

3 hacks for a small closet

Use the inside of the closet door to hang your scarves, belts, jackets and accessories. You could use adhesive hooks on the doors to hang your stuff. This will not only help you save up on so much storage space but will also make your closet look colourful and cute!

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4. Hang Your Handbags

4 hacks for a small closet

This one’s for those of you who have a huge collection of handbags and can’t think of a place to keep them. Use shower curtain hooks to hang all your handbags in your closet! Isn’t this a brilliant idea to keep your handbags and closet organized? Plus, you can store stuff inside them to save up on space.

5. Use Storage Baskets

5 hacks for a small closet

There are things we own that can neither be hung in a hanger nor stacked up. Like lipsticks, nail paints, etc. Now what do you do with them? Look for baskets or boxes to put them in! You can keep these baskets in your closet, dresser or other places where they’ll be easily accessible.

6. Tags For A More Organized Closet

6 hacks for a small closet

If you’re planning to follow the previous point, this will be helpful. Using tags to label storage baskets or boxes will make it incredibly easy for you to keep all your tiny belongings organized. Keep similar things in the same box for easier tagging.   

7. Stack Your Footwear

7 hacks for a small closet

The bottom most shelf of your closet can be used to stack all your footwear! If the last shelf is not empty then you could also invest in a shoe rack. This will keep your footwear at one place and you’re less likely to forget that you haven’t worn certain shoes in a while. Plus, it would help in keeping your closet more organized.

8. Use Other Storage Areas

8 hacks for a small closet

Think of other places where you can store your clothes. Maybe the drawer under your bed or that hidden storage under your sofa in the living room? All the clothes that you don’t wear that often could be stored in one of these storage spaces!

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9. You Don’t Have To Hang Everything

9 hacks for a small closet

Last but not the least, you don’t HAVE to hang every piece of clothing you own! Some clothes occupy less space when they’re stacked up together. Like your pyjamas and t-shirts. Keeping all like things stacked together will organize your closet like nothing else!

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