11 Little Fashion Habits That Will *Always* Make You Stand Out!

11 Little Fashion Habits That Will *Always* Make You Stand Out!
Looking fashionable everyday goes beyond wearing the most expensive clothes. To stand out, you have to do more than just that. Here are a few fashion habits that’ll make you stand out and feel good too! (Even on the days when you’re having a bad hair day! sshh...)

1. Don’t Be A Trend Monger

Yes, you must keep up with the latest trends to look stylish but you must not follow them blindly! Know what looks good on you and always experiment with the latest trends by adding your uniqueness to it. There’s nothing better than knowing your style and being true to it.

2. Dress For Your Body Type

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Yes, we know nobody wants to be told that. But you can’t blindly follow somebody’s style when your body is completely different from theirs! Know your body and your problem areas. There is absolutely nothing that you can’t wear if you know how to wear it right.

3. It’s All In The Details

Beauty lies in the littlest things. You could be wearing a branded dress you spent a bomb on but something will be amiss till you wear the right makeup or accessorize a little bit. Being fashionable isn’t all about wearing expensive clothes. Even wearing a nail color that matches your outfit could work better than you think!

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4. Don’t Compromise On Your Beauty Sleep

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It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! From swollen eyes to pimples, the effects of improper sleep on the way you look are plenty. A minimum 6 hours of sleep is necessary for your body. So do yourself a favour and get plenty of rest to avoid looking dull even when you’re wearing all the right things.

5. Take Care Of Your Clothes

Know the fabric you wear and learn to take care of it so it can last longer. Every fabric is different and needs to be washed and cleaned differently. Read the instructions on the label to wash delicate materials properly. Taking care of your clothes will help you wear one item several times!

6. Pamper Yourself...

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And never stop doing that! Always keep yourself groomed even if there is no event coming up. Grooming yourself will make you feel good about yourself and you’ll always be ready for an impromptu plan. A well groomed person can look ravishing in just about anything.

7. Always Plan Ahead

Planning is a good habit to include in your daily fashion routine. You should always plan out what you want to wear for an upcoming function or for work tomorrow, in advance! Plan whenever you get the time to, before sleeping, while you’re taking a shower or during the cab ride back home! This way you can come up with a fabulous look and nail it right down to the details.

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8. Shop Smartly

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It’s very easy to fall prey to compulsive shopping. Which is why it’s essential to think before you buy something. Always invest in clothes that’ll go with things you already have in your closet! Buy classics like a pop coloured blazer or trousers that’ll boost your style game instead of spending the same amount on accessories or clothes you have no idea what to wear with.

9. Own The Basics

Classics are evergreen. And we must never forget that. Hence, it’s important to invest in basics! Whether it’s a plain white t shirt or well fitted denims, basics go a long way! You can style them differently every time and they will never make you look anything less than fabulous.

10. Keep Your Closet Organised

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Always keep your closet organised and clean! It’ll be so much easier to find clothes and you’ll waste less time in deciding what to wear. Since you’ll be able to find clothes easily, an organised closet is a great way of utilising all the clothes you own.

11. Learn To Tame Your Hair

Your hairstyle has a lot to do with the way you look! Precisely why we all dread bad hair days, right? For all the bad days and the good ones too, you must know how to style your hair. Experiment with your locks and find out what style is easiest to sport and suits you the best. Make it your style statement!

After a daily dose of these fashion habits don’t forget to be confident and wear a smile on your face! After all, a smile is the best accessory you can wear.

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