The Biggest Fashion Mistakes We've Made (And Still Regret!!)

The Biggest Fashion Mistakes We've Made (And Still Regret!!)
Just like good hair days, ‘Bad outfit days’ are a real thing. You gotta admit it, we all have had one such fashion faux pas that we regret till date. And yes, you need not to be ashamed, because you are not alone! Our ladies at POPxo have already made their share of fashion blunders. Read on as we reveal our most embarrassing fashion mistakes that make us say, “What was I thinking?”, “I cannot believe I wore that”. Have fun! :P

1. When Things Got Hot, Sweaty And...See-Through!

1 fashion faux pas

“I wore a strapless bra under a relatively see through white top for my friend’s sangeet dance practice and everything was great...for like five minutes. All the dancing and sweating made the bra super loose and it kept slipping. My friend joked about how ‘sexy’ I was looking but it was really embarrassing to pull it up again and again in a room full of friends, uncles, aunties and even children! It’s funny now but that day was a total nightmare!”  - Isheeta Sharma, Lifestyle Writer.

2. Table Mat Or Cape? Can’t Tell! *Eye Roll*

2 fashion faux pas

“I got a cape stitched for my lehenga’s blouse to wear on my sister’s sangeet. Foolishly enough, I didn’t choose a flimsy fabric for the cape. By the time I had my lehenga ready for trial, it was too late to make any changes! I had to wear a cape blouse that looked like a table mat. It wouldn’t have been that much of an issue if it wasn’t my own sister’s sangeet ceremony. I still think about it sometimes and laugh at myself!!” - Srishti Sabharwal, Fashion Writer.

3. It’s Too Tight In Here! *Oops*

3 fashion faux pas

“I wore an extremely tight top with an extremely tight (and short!) skirt for clubbing… I could not even pull the zipper up and still chose to wear it by somehow pulling it on from the top. Those were my sister’s clothes who is almost half my size, but I loved the outfit so much that I didn’t think twice before stuffing myself into it. It’s only when I reached the venue did I realise just how awful it looked! And I couldn’t move the entire night in fear of anything ripping apart! *Facepalm*” - Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer.

4. A ‘Black’ Day For Fashion!

4 fashion faux pas

“I wore a knee length black dress for one of my college parties, and instead of wearing proper stockings, I wore synthetic (and completely opaque) ankle length leggings. Now when I look at my pictures I realize it was probably not a great Idea. Not only did my outfit look too "black", it also looked kinda...weird. Since then I wear proper stockings with dresses always!” - Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor.

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5. Hey There, Cameltoe!

5 fashion faux pas

“I liked a pair of brown trousers so much that I didn’t mind buying a size 28 when my size was a 26. I seriously thought I could carry it off. Until, one of my friends pointed and laughed at my cameltoe. It was really embarrassing. I kept thinking that after she told me about it, everyone else noticed my cameltoe too. Never will I experiment with sizes ever again!” - Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer.  

6. Too Glam To Give A Damn!

6 fashion faux pas

“From a very young age, I liked to believe that I was such a fashionista and knew all the trends! So, on my 16th birthday, I thought that I would look really edgy and unique and decided to wear a velvet dress. The weather did support me but it definitely didn’t look as cool as I thought it would. It was a PINK velvet dress with fake crystals on it! I realized it right after my then best friend said, “Hey, you look like cotton candy!” I’ve never worn velvet again.” - Somya Suresh, Senior Writer & Copy Editor.

7. Too Bright For White!

7 fashion faux pas

“I love buying different kinds of bras and I love experimenting a lot with different colours. So, on one bright sunny day, I had plans to meet a friend. While deciding what to wear, I zeroed in on a new white top. Then, I saw my new neon pink bra (yep!) lying there…just waiting for me to pick it up and wear it. I know, I know, a coloured bra under a white top? But I checked whether it was visible under my top, and it was NOT! So I decided to wear it. I went, met my friend, had a nice lunch with her and the moment I stepped out of the restaurant it started raining. You know what happened next right?! Everyone could see my new bra, even though they didn’t want to see it! And I was standing there thinking - “Why would you do this to yourself?”. After that horrific day, I haven’t worn a coloured bra under a white top. And I swear I’m never going to do that again! Never. I’ve been embarrassed enough!!” - Prerna Chauhan, Trending Writer

8. Don’t Trust The Aunties!

8 fashion faux pas

“It was my cousin’s wedding and I bought a really pretty pista green lehenga. I was told that the ghagra and the dupatta are to be stitched at the same place and one of my aunts knew a pretty good tailor in East Delhi. So I gave her the two things but I got the blouse stitched from a tailor nearby because it wasn’t possible for me to go to East Delhi for fittings all the time. I guess that was the biggest mistake I made because the blouse looked so different from the ghagra and dupatta. Those two things looked beautiful and my blouse looked a bit weird because of lack of sequins. I was a bit disappointed as I really liked the lehenga but the blouse kind of ruined the look. On the day of the wedding, I draped the dupatta in a way that it hid most of the blouse. I’ve vowed I’ll get my entire outfit stitched from the same place from now on.” - Sonali Pawar, Editorial Coordinator

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9. Never Hated Candies *So Much* !

9 fashion faux pas

"A couple of years ago, candy coloured pants were a huge rage - for some people they still are. I don’t usually follow fashion trends but seeing the enormous craze for those colourful pants, unwittingly and unfortunately I ended up buying two of them - one was the brightest shade of pink and the other one was the starkest shade of red. I remember that I wore them quite enthusiastically for a few months back then - but now whenever I come across any picture in which I'm wearing those hideous pants, I cringe a little and think, "What the hell was I thinking!!!". I still regret buying them and flaunting them with such confidence in the pictures. *Facepalm*” - Geetam Bhardwaj, Copy Editor

10. Put A Pin On it!

10 fashion faux pas

“It was my farewell and I dressed up in a pretty sari. I thought I looked fine but little did I know what was in store for me! I had forgotten to pin up my pleats and after a while I could sense my sari getting loose. Before I could do anything about it, my pleats fell open completely. I picked up my sari, made a mad dash for the washroom and somehow managed to fix it. Thankfully, nobody noticed. *sigh*!” - Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator