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10 Things EVERY Bride Needs For Her  Shaadi Day “OOPS” Moments!

10 Things EVERY Bride Needs For Her Shaadi Day “OOPS” Moments!

You’ve worked so hard for this big day – your outfit is on point, you hairdo is like that of a beautiful Disney princess, your makeup artist got it JUST right – you nailed it, gorgeous bride! However, it takes some effort and planning to maintain that flawless look throughout the ceremony. So, smart brides here’s a list of 10 beauty products you must have handy on your big day.

Emergency Beauty Products For Bride

Make a pouch with these and hand it to your bestie or sister who is on bridal duty, i.e. at your beck and call all through the function.

1. Compact For Touch-ups

This is the Number 1 essential you need in your emergency beauty kit, brides. Dabbing some compact powder at regular intervals packs in the makeup well and gives a fresh look throughout the ceremony.

2. Lipstick Of The Day (AND Transparent Gloss)

No matter how professional a job your makeup is, eating all those laddoos and sipping on water every now and then is bound to fade your lipstick. Carry it in your kit and redo your lips as and when needed. Putting a clear gloss coat on top if it will lock in the colour and give a beautiful shine to your lips too. 2 emergency beauty products for brides

3. Wet And Dry Tissues Are Important

Tissues come in handy if you spill anything on your face or outfit at any point during the function. Even that wedding tear can play spoilsport in the middle of the wedding but there’s nothing that a swipe of a wet tissue cannot solve, ladies. ;-)

4. Blotting Paper For Oily Skin

For brides with oily skin, blotting paper can come to your rescue. Trust us, you don’t want that oily sheen on your face, and subsequently in your photos from the wedding. Remove excess oil by pressing the blotting paper against your T-zone and you’re good to go! 4 emergency beauty products for brides%0A

5. Antiseptic Cream To The Rescue

Heavy jewellery looks gorgeous but can be a menace too. The gorgeous nath can tug at your nose or the elaborate jhumkas can pull your ears and that can be painful. A soothing antiseptic cream – Boroline or Soframycin – can relieve you from that discomfort and you can thank us later, girls. ;-)

6. Sanitary Pads Even If It’s Not The Day Yet

It may not be your period date just yet but the stress, anxiety and change in routine in the last couple of weeks can play party pooper. Make sure you keep a sanitary pad or tampon handy in case of an emergency. You want this to be the last of your worries, right? 6 emergency beauty products for brides%0A

7.Hairbrush/ Comb For Flyaway Hair

Regular trips to the ladies room to fix your look is a must, ladies. Carry a brush or a comb to set back any loose strands of hair or redo any part of the hair that needs redoing. After all, no bride wants her hair flying and looking unruly on her wedding day.

8. Safety Pins For Re-Draping

Wearing a heavy joda for those few hours is no mean task. As you meet and greet all your guests, the heavy dupatta along with your bridal lehenga can slip or hang in a way that might not look or feel that good. Keep safety pins handy and get your bestie to pin them right up. 8 emergency beauty products for brides%0A

9. Bobby Pins To Pack In Loose Hair

Once you comb your hair back, some of the stubborn strands may need some pinning up. So make sure you carry bobby pins to pin the loose strands. This way you will be comfy and your gorgeous bridal look won’t be compromised either.

10. Perfume For Feeling And Smelling Fresh

Moving around in heavy clothes, jewellery and heels can make you all sweaty. Keep a perfume handy so that you smell and feel fresh even after celebrating for hours on end. 10 emergency beauty products for brides%0A GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr MUST READ: Preparing For Your Wedding Night? 9 Top Beauty Tips! MUST READ: A Destination Wedding Beauty Guide For The Complete Newbie!
Published on Sep 22, 2016
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