7 Dreamy Decor Ideas For Your Roka… So Pretty!!

7 Dreamy Decor Ideas For Your Roka… So Pretty!!
Roka ceremony - the very first function that marks the beginning of a brand new life. It’s the first official ceremony where both the families get to bond on a more personal level. And it’s also that time when you finally start getting the shaadi feels. It’s like a trailer to the big movie that is to follow! So girls, make sure that this day is truly special. Check out these 7 dreamy decor ideas that are just so beautiful!

1. The elegant white

1 roka decor ideas

An all white entry with gorgeous drapes and bunches of fresh white flowers looks absolutely beautiful. And the elegant white looks fabulous for an afternoon brunch or even an evening cocktail party.

Image: Morvi Images

2. Pretty lanterns

2 roka decor ideas

Vintage lanterns, white candles, long flowy drapes and dim lighting - such an intimate and dreamy setting for the roka. It’s the perfect setup to kickstart the wedding festivities.

Image: Dhanika Choksi Photography

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3. A *wow* element

3 roka decor ideas

This looks just so magical! A wreath of colourful exotic flowers suspended mid-air with a dangling chandelier in gold. One wow element is all you need to make your decor look ultra luxe.

Image: Coolbluez Photography

4. A rustic backdrop

4 roka decor ideas

It’ll be the first time you’ll both be posing as a soon-to-be married couple! And the backdrop needs to be as stunning as possible! Pretty white drapes, bunches of white flowers, leaves, twigs and the charming bird cages.

Image: Fotowalle

5. Dream catchers

5 roka decor ideas

What’s better that having dream catchers as decor elements for this special day. We love the orange drapes, the strings of fairy lights and dream catchers for a dreamy and relaxed vibe.

Image: Devika Narain on Instagram

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6. Charming frames

6 roka decor ideas

Organising an afternoon tea party for the roka? Use frames in different colours and designs to do up the venue. They look just so charming and very vintage.

Image: Serendipitous Smiles

7. A fairytale entry

7 roka decor ideas

While you may want to go all elaborate at the wedding, let your roka decor be minimalistic and elegant. Floral wreaths, glass planters and tealights give a truly magical feel to the entry. Also, we love the combination of blue and white!

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

Featured Image: The Photo Diary