“Do I Really NEED A Wedding Planner?” Here’s How To Decide!

“Do I Really NEED A Wedding Planner?” Here’s How To Decide!
Fancy having a wedding planner at your shaadi? Well, there is no doubt that a wedding planner does make life a lot easier. From designing the wedding to guiding you through the process and taking care of last minute emergencies…they do it all. But whether or not you need one for your wedding is the big question. Before you make the big decision, here are a few questions to ask yourself to make that decision easier!

1. Do I have enough budget to pay the wedding planner?

On an average, a wedding planner in India charges anything between 15 - 20 percent of the total budget of the wedding. Please note that this is an average approximation and may differ depending on the profile of the planner. The point however, is that you will have to set aside a decent budget in addition to the costs of your wedding. Before you plan ahead, it’s best to know if you’re ready to shell out that money.

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2. Friends, family, cousins, are they all there to help me out?

Let’s admit it that we’re all too busy in our work and personal life these days. But if you do have your relatives who stay nearby and are willing to help, it’s an added bonus! If you have enough people to lend you a hand then planning and coordination become a lot easier. If not, then professional help would be a good idea.

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3. I’ve always wanted a Bollywood style shaadi! Will it be possible?

Whether or not you need a wedding planner depends largely on the sort of affair you’re looking to host. A larger than life wedding with a never-ending guest list, 4 - 5 functions and elaborate venues do require a planner. Same goes for a destination wedding. You may manage it all without a wedding planner, but then it’s your family members who’re on the run throughout the festivities too. A smaller affair is much easier to plan yourself.

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4. How does my usual day look like?

Your leave from work for the wedding begins a month or two before the shaadi. But the planning starts way before that. Can you schedule vendor meetings during your work hours? Is it possible to attend calls and discuss ideas? Are you okay to take a day or two off every once in a while and is it feasible for you to spend your weekends doing the same? If your work allows you to manage all this, it’s great. If not, then maybe you need someone else!

5. Do I want everything to be just perfect with no room for errors?

Always dreamt of a theme wedding keeping each and every element in mind? And do you want everything to be exactly that way with no room for errors? You do need a planner in that case. Vendors may not be able to arrange exactly what you want and sometimes the event day may not be 100% identical to what you had in mind. Last minute changes do happen and it’s not possible for the family to scrutinize every small detail. If you are extremely specific and pay a lot of attention to details…especially at your shaadi, it’s best to have a professional looking after your needs.

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6. Do I want someone to lift the weight off?

A lot of girls and their families enjoy planning the wedding on their own and taking on the responsibility. But if you prefer spending your time getting pre-bridal treatments and want to avoid any sort of exhausting work, then planners are your go-to person.

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7. Do I really need someone else to do it?

Ask yourself if you enjoy planning parties, love going through wedding inspirations online and are good at interacting with various vendors. If you are the sorts who loves doing it all then you’ll have a nice time planning your wedding too. :-)

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