The Cutest Couple Poses For Shaadi Pics You’ll Treasure Forever

The Cutest Couple Poses For Shaadi Pics You’ll Treasure Forever

A peck on the cheek, a bit of goofing around or a hearty laugh over a secret joke. Now those are the adorable little moments that make our wedding albums even better (and cuter!). And just so you have a lot of fun posing when the time comes, here’s some inspiration. Check out these 10 couples who are giving us some major #CoupleGoals!

1. The playful nose bump

1 cute couple poses Awww...aren’t these two like totally cute?! The bright, big, naughty smiles, the playful nose bump and the way he holds her…like he’ll never let her go! Image: Morvi Images

2. Let’s go the filmy way

2 cute couple poses His expression says it all! And she obviously can’t control her laughter! The picture looks like a lot of fun, right?! And it’s sure to fetch you a lot of Facebook likes. Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

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3. Get your swag on!

Photographick Studios | | 571-449-7468 Go badass with the back-to-back pose. And do put on your Bride & Groom glasses! Image: PhotographicK Also read: This Couple’s AMAZING Travel Pictures Is… Life Goals!!

4. I love you so so much...

4 cute couple poses A big, fat kiss right at the mandap…just because he loves you! And we love the bride’s mixed expressions - a little shy, very happy and a lot excited! Image: 42fps Productions

5. Jump up HIGH!

5 cute couple poses You’re happy and you know it…and now it’s time to show it! Let go and jump up high as you hop into your new life with the man you love the most. Image: Morvi Images

6. ‘Cause you’re so cute!

View More: How fondly is he pulling at her cheeks?! And she looks just so happy to be with him…to be marrying him. So adorable! Image: PhotographicK

7. Rikshaw ride!

7 cute couple poses Have him drive you around the venue in a rickshaw! And these two sure do look as happy as can be. Especially the bride…she makes it look like the happiest day ever! Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

8. Pick me up

8 cute couple poses Don’t you miss those expressions, ladies, because that is what makes the picture oh-so-adorable! Image: Amanpreet Kaur Photography

9. Let’s kick some A$$!

9 cute couple poses Absolutely hilarious and totally cute…these two seem to be having such a great time together. They actually make marriage look like so much fun! Image: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram Also read: This Couple’s Gorgeous Wedding Pics Will Take Your Breath Away!

10. Oh so sweet

10 cute couple poses Such a happy picture. :) The sweet smiles, the innocence on their face and all the love that just shows through in the image… <3 Image: Cupcake Productions Now before you forget, just bookmark this! Featured Image: Morvi Images