10 “Crisis” In Your 20s That You'll Laugh About In Your 30s!

10 “Crisis” In Your 20s That You'll Laugh About In Your 30s!
Being a 20 something year old can be equal parts fun and confusing. You’re no longer a kid but also not a mature adult. For some reason, we tend to fret about things that in hindsight will appear to be very small things. Here are some of them you’ll relate to!

1. Getting extremely low grades or failing

With Sharma ji’s daughter always topping the class and giving our parents fodder to talk about, it’s a pretty hard world out there. In college, grades do matter a lot and we tend to worry about what our folks will tell us if we fail to do as well as they expect. Ever wondered how banal it is to be scared of bad grades? Ever wondered how in 15 years time, you'll shake your head at how nervous you were before getting the result?

1 crisis situations

2. That heart-break

First of all, why were you dating him? Could love have been so damn blind? Later in life, you’re going to laugh about how silly you were, crying and sullen like Paro from Devdas. Dramatic crying and those speeches about how you will never, ever fall in love again. Sigh... Yep, your future self is going to have a really good time thinking about this.

3. Thinking that turning 25 is turning old!

Wait till the 40 year old you remembers this. 25. Make a mental note to laugh at yourself in the future, you 25 year old!

3 crisis situations

4. Calling 18-year-olds “kids”

Yes, like at 20 something you were so mature and had 17 grandchildren already. You can stop addressing those young adult as kids - it wasn't all that long ago that you were a kid too.

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5. Your body not being able to handle liquor/ food with grace

Yes, it’s a bit downhill from the 20s onwards when it comes to this. This is natural, ours bodies change in the 20s. We can’t drink like we used to and we put on weight a little too easily. Don’t freak out, just take care of it more!

5 crisis situations

6. Not having your sh*t together

You think it’s just you loitering around in this spiral of a quarter-life crisis? Nope, it’s you and everyone else your age. You’re going to laugh about it later too because decades later, you still won’t have had your sh*t together… Nobody ever really does!

7. Losing friends

Friends have a way of coming and going but it hurts the most when your closest friends just stop staying in touch. But this is a blessing in disguise, because the best friends will never stop caring about you and will find a way to keep in touch somehow. Years later, you’ll laugh with the friends that stayed, about the ones that just decided to, you know, stop being friends...

7 crisis situations

8. Worry about what your boss thinks about you, constantly

While there is some office decorum to be maintained, you shouldn’t have to be your boss’ pet and you should never have to be the “Yes” woman. While some bosses are genuinely nice people, some really aren’t. So, every time you goof up, don’t assume it’s the end of the world. You will laugh at yourself for being such a chicken always and not taking risks when you had the chance in future.

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9. Making a fool out of yourself in public

And only realizing it the next morning. Chill, it’s not the first or the last time you’re going to get drunk. Everyone goes through this phase. Have a good laugh about every stupid thing you’ve ever done. You don’t get to stay young forever!

9 crisis situations

10. You don’t know how to act your age

You will never. Go, be yourself and do what you want to do. Really! Dance like no one’s watching. You’ll need memories to laugh at later. Go be 20 something now and forget about crises.

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