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Sister’s Shaadi? 7 Cute Ways To Match Your Outfits With Hers!

Sister’s Shaadi? 7 Cute Ways To Match Your Outfits With Hers!
Is there any other event in your life that you’ve waited for so desperately?! No, right?! Behen ki shaadi probably gets you more excited than your own wedding too! And you’re just as enthusiastic about the clothes as the bride herself. And since coordinated wedding outfits are such a thing, we tell you how to do it right…without stealing her thunder!

1. Peaches and blush

1 Coordinated wedding outfits The bride and her bridesmaids are all dressed in pretty peach lehengas. And that sure does make an adorable picture! The bride’s lehenga is obviously heavier and she wears a second dupatta for a more elaborate look. Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

2. Gorgeous in gowns

2 Coordinated wedding outfits Why not stick to a theme! While the bride wears a billowing peach gown, her soul sisters wear gorgeous white ones. That way you look like a close-knit tribe and the bride gets her own bit of glory too! Image: Cupcake Productions Also read: #Aww: Brides & Grooms Who Matched Their Wedding Outfits!

3. Coordinate the dupattas!

3 Coordinated wedding outfits Such an easy thing to do! For the mehendi ceremony pick beautiful dupattas that all the sisters and the bride can match with their outfits. You could stick to a colour theme or look for identical patterns instead. Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

4. Wear the same pattern

4 Coordinated wedding outfits Pick a pattern and both you sisters could wear it in your own different ways. The colour or the style of the outfit could be different from each other. Florals, for instance, look super pretty. You could wear a floral gown while your sister wears a similar lehenga. Image: Kainoosh on Instagram

5. A pastel theme

5 Coordinated wedding outfits Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Devina Malhotra had a pastel themed bridesmaid shoot. And that’s something to take a cue from! The bride and her sisters could all dress up in various shades of pastels to look coordinated yet different!
Image: Guilty Bytes

6. A red affair

6 Coordinated wedding outfits The common factor was the colour red and the fact that all the girls wore the same saree. And the bride looked stunning in an elaborate red lehenga. Now that’s how you a get a great picture at your sister’s wedding! Image: Morvi Images Also read: 7 Colours For The Bride Who Doesn’t Want To Wear Red Or Pink!

7. It was all yellow!

7 Coordinated wedding outfits Happy, cheery and bright, all the ladies and the bride wore yellow for one of the functions. Now that is something you and your sister can totally pull off, right? Just be nice and let her pick the prettier one! Image: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram Featured Image: Cupcake Productions