Planning Your Honeymoon? 10 Little Mistakes You Could Be Making

Planning Your Honeymoon? 10 Little Mistakes You Could Be Making
This has got to be the BEST VACAY EVER! There is just no other way it can be. It’s your honeymoon, after all. You plan for this first holiday with hubby dear, well in advance just so it goes off smoothly and is as dreamy as you’ve always wanted it to be. And this clearly means that there is no room for mistakes. To help you out, we list out 10 common mistakes couples make when planning their honeymoon. Steer clear of the following, ladies.

1. Not taking into account the weather conditions

Going for a Yash Chopra films-inspired honeymoon to Switzerland in the winter? Wrong timing and a very bad idea! Researching the weather at your honeymoon destination well in advance is imperative because ladies, weather can play spoilsport, and how! If freezing in the snow is not your idea of fun, maybe go for a beach honeymoon instead?

1 honeymoon planning mistakes

2. Last minute bookings

Taking forever to zero down on a destination for the honeymoon can work out to be very expensive. Doing last minute bookings for hotels and flights can end up costing you double the amount. Be smart, ladies. Spend the spare money on romantic dinners with him at exotic locales. ;-)

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3. An extremely long honeymoon

We don’t mean to kill the romance, but a never-ending honeymoon trip can eventually become boring. Don’t make it too short, but don’t make it an 80-day world tour either!

4. Choosing multiple destinations that are too far apart

Going to more than one city or country is a great idea. Exploring new places with your significant other is an amazing way to bond and have fun. But choosing multiple destinations that are too far apart from one another can lead to most of your honeymoon being spent travelling in trains and aeroplanes. Not fun, we say.

4 honeymoon planning mistakes

5. Doing a touch and go

Spending one day Paris and the next one in Rome – bad planning, ladies. Don’t overstay, but a touch and go just to get that one picture by the Eiffel Tower isn’t the best way to plan your romantic honeymoon.

6. Making it all about adventure and sightseeing

Yes, doing a skydive together is great, and maybe a short trek as well. But making your trip all about one adventure sport after the other, and tiring yourself out sightseeing all day, every day, isn’t how a honeymoon should be. Sit and do nothing as you sip on a local drink at a quaint café, go for a drive to a point where the view is great and just savour the moment, ladies. How romantic!

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7. Choosing very common, crowded cities

The last thing you want during your honeymoon is to be surrounded by scores of people while waiting in a queue to see one historic monument. Choose exotic, more quiet destinations away from the hustle bustle of a busy city. Make it just about the two of you. Why not stay at a peaceful resort on some calm island?!

7 honeymoon planning mistakes

8. Planning an elaborate shopping spree

Shopping is important on a vacation – we get that. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t shop at all, but don’t go with a full shopping agenda. It’s your honeymoon – spend time with your new life partner and enjoy in ways different from just shopping together.

9. Not carrying appropriate clothes

You want to wear that gorgeous, flowy maxi for your honeymoon and click dreamy photographs. Yes, that is very important. But do you want to be in a thin maxi at a cold destination? That’ll only lead to you falling sick and not enjoying your own honeymoon! Carrying the right kind of clothes based on the destination is important, ladies, so shop and pack smartly.

10 honeymoon planning mistakes

10. Planning too much and making it too tight a schedule

Planning a minute-to-minute itinerary for your honeymoon is, ermm…SO not romantic! Plan each day together as it comes – wake up and see what the mood is like and just go with it, we say. Of course, don’t miss out on the must-dos of a place, but don’t over-plan either.

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