8 Tips To Make Sure Your Wedding Lingerie Is Just *Perfect*!

8 Tips To Make Sure Your Wedding Lingerie Is Just *Perfect*!
Your undergarments are like your second skin and need to be chosen with just as much care as the bridal lehenga itself. So while you spend months finding that perfect outfit for your functions, choose your innerwear wisely too. And considering how long our desi ceremonies are, it’s wise to wear lingerie that’s comfortable. Here’s a quick guide you must read before hitting the lingerie store.  

1. Get measured

Did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size without ever knowing about it?! So the first step of buying your wedding lingerie is to get yourself measured at a good lingerie store. If you are planning to lose weight for the big day, we suggest you wait until the last month to get the measurements done.

1 lingerie for your wedding outfits

2. Lehenga fittings first

Don’t buy your inner wear before the fittings of your outfits. One or two fittings are essential to understanding the type of bra or panty you’ll need underneath. The size, colour, style and fit of your undergarments varies from outfit to outfit. Also, do try your outfit with the final innerwear before the big day.

3. Avoid the exotics

We all feel sexy wearing silk or satin underwear but with heavy wedding outfits and long hours, you may end up all sweaty and with rashes. It’s best to stick to basic and comfortable cottons for the shaadi functions. Even generally, one must avoid satin/ silk undergarments for long durations.

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4. Peek-a-boo straps

Nothing looks worse than your bra strap sticking out of your blouse. And we are not big fans of transparent plastic straps playing spoilsport either. Ensure that your tailor gives loops on the inside of the shoulders of your blouse to keep the straps in place. For backless blouses, it’s better to have inbuilt pads. If you’re wearing a strapless bra, buy one that supports your breasts properly.

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5. Colour and seams

In case any of your outfits is body hugging or the material is extremely fine, go for seamless undergarments to avoid any bra or panty lines from showing. Also, it’s best to stick to neutral or skin coloured inner wear at the wedding. You’ll constantly be under harsh lights and even the slightest colour difference may show. Also, you don’t want the camera to capture anything more than you intend to show.

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6. Don’t try something new!

Stick on bras, nipple pasties, thongs or even strapless bras - don’t try anything you’ve not worn before. Even if you do a basic trial and feel comfortable at first, chances are it won’t be that way after a couple of hours.

7. Invest in shapewear

Shapewear is a great option when you want to give your curves that extra support and shape. Also, no matter what your body type, shapewear flatters your figure while giving it a smooth finish. From body slips for gowns to tummy tuckers and thigh shapers… pick what suits your body and outfit the best.

7 lingerie for your wedding outfits

8. Comfort is king!

At the end of the day you need to feel easy and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. It’ll be a long day with too much happening and the last thing you want is your lingerie giving you a hard time. Choose something that truly does feel like your second skin. :-)

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