10 Pocket Perfumes You Can Carry With You - Smell Fresh All Day!

10 Pocket Perfumes You Can Carry With You - Smell Fresh All Day!

Don’t you wish you could smell heavenly all day, every day? Unfortunately, carrying a perfume along with you everywhere is not always an option, and body mists don’t last the whole day either. So we decided to compile for you a list of perfumes that you can actually carry around! These miniature, pocket perfumes are ideal to take along with you everywhere and have you smelling like a dream always. Take a look!

1. Al Rehab Classic

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Al-Rehab Sabaya Floral Attar Price in India

INR 216 AT Crown Perfumes

This pocket spray perfume will leave you smelling divine and we love, love, LOVE how affordable it is!

2. Cherry Flower Roll-On

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Al Rehab Cherry Flower 6ml roll-on

INR 150 AT Crown Perfumes

This cute little cherry flower attar roll-on perfume in 6ml is just the perfect size to carry around with you everywhere. It is SO long-lasting and so reasonable too!

3. All Good Scents - Scentbox

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All Good Scents - Scentbox

INR 199 AT Scentbox

Create your own set of three pocket perfumes with All Good Scents! Choose any three tiny bottles of 2ml each that you can carry around and smell heavenly all day with just a spritz!

4. Iba Halal Pure Perfume First Lady

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Iba Halal Pure Perfume First Lady 10 ml

INR 195 AT Halal Care

A pure perfume that is floral and girly. It’s extremely long-lasting and fragrant. We’re sure you’ll love this one!

5. Cypress Perfume Oil

Cypress Perfume Oil

INR 261 AT Fabindia

A perfumed oil is a great option as it is very long-lasting and fragrant. We absolutely love this one from Fabindia for how cute and compact it is!

6. Sultana By Neesh

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Neesh Sultana Pocket Perfume

INR 380 AT sultana

With notes of amber and tea rose, Sultana is a rich and heavy fragrance. Its beautiful deep purple casing will make you feel like royalty indeed!

7. York Nucos Women Premium Infinite EDT

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Buy York Nucos Women Premium Infinite EDT

INR 399 AT Nucos

Want a burst of freshness in the midst of a long day? This pocket perfume from York is your friend!

8. Genie In My Bottle Refillable Aroma Vial

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Genie In My Bottle Refillable Aroma Vial

INR 215 AT Genie In My Bottle

We’re absolutely loving this! You can wear this perfumed oil around your neck in this super cute pendant. Adorable and stylish, right?

9. Fleur Frozen Ittar

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Fleur Frozen Ittar

INR 1,045 AT Hedonista

10. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar

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TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar 9g for sale online | eBay

INR 455 AT TonyMoly

Our favourite Korean beauty brand has a cute pocket perfume now! We can’t wait to try this one out.