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Is Bio Oil Worth Using? 10 Beauty Benefits You Should Know!

Is Bio Oil Worth Using? 10 Beauty Benefits You Should Know!

If you’ve never used Bio Oil before, now is a good time to start! It contains natural plant oil and vitamins that help to fight signs of ageing, evens out uneven skin tones, hydrates skin and prevent scars and stretch marks. It’s ideal to use on sensitive skin and can be applied twice a day for at least 3-4 months. If you want know what else this power beauty product can do for you, then read on to find out!

1. Works As A Body And Face Moisturizer!

Because it’s hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic, it’s suitable for almost any skin type! It helps to replenish skin’s natural oils that have been stripped away due to changes in the environment, using the wrong soap or following an unhealthy diet pattern. Just after you step out of shower, apply a bit of it on your face and body to nourish dehydrated skin to bring back the smooth suppleness. It won’t make your skin greasy and will soak into your skin easily.

2. Say Goodbye To Damaged Hair!

2 beauty uses of bio oil Tired of dealing with split ends, flyaways and a dry scalp? Don’t stress, Bio Oil has got you covered! Every morning, apply a bit of it to the ends of your hair to help it look healthier and to prevent split ends. You should also occasionally apply it to your scalp and massage well to deal with dryness and to promote hair growth.

3. An Excellent Makeup Primer

Who ever thought that Bio Oil could be used as a primer, right?! Well, it certainly can! Just before you apply your foundation, make sure you massage your face with a drop of this magic oil. Wait till it dries up and then apply your makeup. For dry skin and uneven skin tones, this treatment is the best handsdown. It will make for smoother makeup application and can help it stay in place for longer. Also read: 7 Beauty Benefits Of Honey You Didn’t Know About!

4. Perfect Eye And Makeup Remover

4 beauty uses of bio oil You heard it right! It can be used as a makeup remover too. Dip a ball of cotton into some bio-oil and gently apply it to your face. In a circular motion, gently wipe your makeup off. You can then wash your face with room temperature water and pat dry.

5. You Can Use It As A Lip Balm, You Know?

If you ever run out of Vaseline or lip balm, we want you to know that Bio Oil is a fantastic substitute. It moisturizes lips and makes them smooth and healthy. Apply it on your lips once or twice a day for a month for baby soft lips or whenever you feel like your pout needs some TLC.

6. Treat Dry Elbows!

6 beauty uses of bio oil Don’t you hate dry, rough and discoloured elbows? You need Bio Oil in your life. It will not only moisturize dry skin but will also help to even out skin tone. Apply it to your elbows twice a week to make them soft and smooth in no time!

7. Try It For A Better Shave!

For a super soft and easy shaving experience, make sure that you apply a coin-sized amount of Bio Oil first. It will save you from getting any razor cuts and ingrown hair. Make sure to apply lotion after you’re done shaving for ultra smooth skin. Also read: Should Girls Shave Their Faces?! We Clear All Your Doubts!

8. Buh-Bye, Sunburn!

8 beauty uses of bio oil Suffering from a nasty sunburn and rash? Apply a bit of this oil to the area to sooth the burn and heal it. It contains natural botanicals that will help your skin get it’s healthy natural glow back. You’re welcome!

9. Frizz Be Gone!

Battling with humidity? Well, Bio Oil lends more power to you. It can help to tame the frizz and make hair easy to manage. Apply it to the ends of your hair and use your fingers to detangle knots. It’s as good as a hair serum if you ask us.

10. Protects Your Cuticles Like A Pro

10 beauty uses of bio oil Since Bio Oil is rich in vitamin E, make sure that you apply and massage your cuticles post a manicure or clipping your nails. It keeps your delicate nails healthy and strong. If you suffer from brittle nails, you’ll definitely want to try this!
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Published on Sep 13, 2016
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