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7 Things That'll Give You Glowing Skin… Overnight!

7 Things That'll Give You Glowing Skin… Overnight!

Waking up to clear and glowing skin has been every girl’s deepest desire. Getting a good night’s rest not only keeps your mind healthy, but also makes your skin look its best. But, what if we told you that there are ingredients which have magical powers that can turn your skin from drab to fab overnight?! All you’ve got to do is apply them on your face and leave it to dry while you sleep, and in the morning, you get soft and happy skin! Don’t believe us? Maybe, it’s time to try out these natural skin care tips for healthy glowing skin !

Natural Skin Care Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin 

It is important to follow a routine that allows you to embrace your natural beauty. Here, find 7 natural skin care tips to boost your inner glow.

1. Coconut Oil Is The Best!

You may have used it on your hair, but has it ever occurred to you to try it on your face?! If you haven’t yet, now is a good time to start. While it moisturizes your skin, it offers deep cleansing and acts as an antibacterial shield. It also prevents premature ageing.

Step 1: Heat a spoonful of coconut oil and add a drop of peppermint oil to it.

Step 2: Use a toothpick to mix both oils.

Step 3: Apply on your face and massage well.

Step 4: Wash it off with room temperature water the morning after.

Do this twice a week.

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2. Aloe Gel Knows How To Love Your Skin Right

2 beauty tips for glowing skin

Take it from us ladies, aloe vera gel is like nature’s gift to you. It keeps your skin hydrated, moisturizes it, soothes any inflammation and has anti-ageing properties. It’s perfect for treating oily and greasy skin.

Step 1: In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of aloe gel.

Step 2: Add 1 large tablespoon of gooey honey.

Step 3: Mix well and apply it to your skin.

Step 4: Leave it to dry all night and wash it off with cold water in the morning.

Do this twice a month.

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3. Get Flawless Skin With Almond Oil

For softer and smoother skin, you’ve got to give almond oil a shot! It improves skin complexion and nourishes it too. Since Almond Oil contains vitamin E, A and B, it moisturizes skin and prevents pores from getting blocked.

Step 1: Take a ripe avocado, scoop its pulp out and mash it up.

Step 2: Empty the pulp into a bowl and sprinkle some honey and a tablespoon of almond oil over it.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of the mask on your face.

Step 4: When you wake up, head to the shower and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Do this once in two weeks.

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4. Treat Your Skin To Delicious Milk

4 beauty tips for glowing skin

Has your skin started feeling a little dull and dry lately? What it needs is moisture. Milk is the perfect beauty ingredient. It will moisturize and nourish your skin at the same time. It also brightens up dull skin and keeps it looking youthful.

Step 1: In a bowl, pour some milk.

Step 2: Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

Step 3: A teaspoon of honey and mix!

Step 4: Dip your fingertips into a bowl and apply the mask to your face.

Step 5: Leave it to dry and harden overnight and wash it off the next day.

Do this thrice a month.

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5. Boroline To The Rescue!

If you’ve always wanted to bring an ayurvedic antiseptic cream home, Boroline is the best. It’s a multipurpose cream that’s perfect for softening chapped lips, rough hands, elbows, knees and face.

Step 1: Clean your face with water first and pat dry.

Step 2: Heat a bit of boroline cream and apply it to your skin.

Step 3: Massage your face and sleep.

Step 4: The next morning, wipe the cream off using a damp towel.

Do this twice a month.

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6. Let Glycerin Take Care Of It

6 beauty tips for glowing skin

This baby can be used as a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Glycerin is a colourless and odorless liquid that’s made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It makes your skin glow as bright as the sun!

Step 1: Pour some glycerin into a bowl.

Step 2: Add 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Step 3: Empty both the liquids in a spray bottle.

Step 4: Give it a good shake and spray it over your face.

Step 5: You can wash your face with regular water in the morning.

Do this once a week.

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7. The Power Of Rose Water

Whether it’s a tan or dull skin, you can now change its fate by using rose water. It acts as a natural face cleanser and hydrates it and helps it look fresh at the same time.

Step 1: Add just 2 tiny teaspoons of sandalwood powder and turmeric into a bowl.

Step 2: Add 1 tablespoon of rosewater and mix well.

Step 3: Apply all over your face and go to sleep.

Step 4: Wash it off with room temperature water in the morning.

Do this twice a week.

Now that you’ve read ALL of them, which one are you tempted to try first?!

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