10 AMAZING Fashion & Beauty Tips For The Busy Bridesmaid!

10 AMAZING Fashion & Beauty Tips For The Busy Bridesmaid!
Being a bridesmaid means you’re on bridal duty 24x7, and at her beck and call at all times - before, during and after the functions too. You, head of Team Bride, have very little time to really focus on yourself and look your best. And hey, it is you who everyone is checking out, once they’ve had a good look at the bride, aren’t they? So, because you’re pressed for time and are handling multiple responsibilities, we give you these quick and easy beauty tips for bridesmaids that’ll make sure you look gorge throughout the shaadi.


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1. Free flowing dupattas are a NO

Pin it right up, ladies. You won’t have the time to keep fixing your dupatta back perfectly throughout the functions. Tuck it in well, be comfortable and dance it out without a care!

1 beauty tips and fashion tips for bridesmaids

2. Flowing hair isn’t a good idea either

All the running around and dancing will inevitably lead to your hair looking like a mess. You don’t want pictures looking like that, do you? Go for a stylish yet simple hairdo that stays as is throughout the function. And don’t forget some good old hairspray.

3. Keep your touch-up products handy

Because you will need them more than anyone else present at the venue. Especially with all the dancing, shadowing the bride, and helping out the parents of the bride (yes, you have to do it all, supergirl). Your touch-up kit should have a compact powder, lipstick, hairbrush, perfume and some tissues, and you’re good to go.

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4. Ditch the high heels

Need we explain this? And if you’re a high heels person, carry a pretty pair of jootis along as a spare pair, if at all the need arises.

4 beauty tips and fashion tips for bridesmaids

5. Do your hair and makeup before the other guests

You have to be with the bride when she’s getting ready for the wedding. She will need your advice for her look and the bridezilla might have to be calmed down at regular intervals too. The smartest thing to do would be to get ready before the others, and accompany her to her makeup artist. Do just a few touch-ups before leaving for the venue and you’re all set.

6.  Gel nails aren’t just for the bride

You will, invariably, be lifting boxes and getting things in order for the various functions. And ladies, there are very few things shabbier than chipped nail paint. Go for gel nails which will look fabulous all through the ceremonies, come what may.

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7.  Waterproof makeup is a must

After all, it’s your sister/bestie’s wedding and emotional moments will happen. So lest you want that kajal and mascara to wreck havoc on your face, go in for waterproof makeup – base, eyeliner, mascara – we mean every product!

7 beauty tips and fashion tips for bridesmaids

8.  Go for a not-too-heavy (yet gorgeous, of course) outfit

No, we aren’t asking you tone it down, at all. If you have the option, go for the one that isn’t too heavy to carry around throughout the wedding. You need that extra energy to make your sister/bestie’s wedding a hit, right?

9. Do a look trial beforehand

You will be pressed for time and experimenting with your look at the eleventh hour is a bad idea. A smart way to go about this would be to do a trial for your look before the wedding functions begin. Wear your outfit, have an idea about what kind of hair you want done that day, and test different makeup styles on yourself to see what suits you best. Click a selfie maybe, which you can refer to on the big day.

10. It’s a happy day, put on a smile

It’s amongst the happiest days of your life, isn’t it? Smile and dazzle the crowd, ladies, because that’s going to make you look gorgeous!

10 beauty tips and fashion tips for bridesmaids

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