The Perfect Zodiac Jewellery Piece For *Your* Star Sign!

The Perfect Zodiac Jewellery Piece For *Your* Star Sign!
Obsessed with zodiac signs and horoscopes? Always looking for lucky colours and gems for your star sign? While we might not be able to suggest the stone you should wear for your zodiac sign, we can put together a list of 12 aww-dorable zodiac accessories for EVERY zodiac lover out there! And so we have!

1. Passionately Aries

1 beautiful zodiac accessories aries

Known to be confident, passionate and moody, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac! If you know an Aries, or are one yourself, this tan thread-woven astrology bracelet is meant for you!

Price: Rs 359. Buy it here.

2. Peaceful Taurians

2 beautiful zodiac accessories taurus

Stable and patient are the two qualities associated with a Taurian. For someone calm and peaceful like them, this midi ring is an amazing pick! Its dainty design will go so well with your personality!

Price: Rs 937. Buy it here.

3. Fun Loving Gemini

3 beautiful zodiac accessories gemini

Chatty and curious, Geminis are always fun to be around. They can strike up a conversation with anyone and love being unconventional. Aren’t these bold earrings perfect for the zodiac sign then? We sure think so!

Price: Rs 669. Buy it here.

4. Affectionate Cancerian

4 beautiful zodiac accessories cancer

Emotional and sensitive, a Cancerian is very affectionate and likes to be around people he/she loves. Gift this super cute pendant to your bestie or buy it for yourself!

Price: Rs 1,002. Buy it here.

5. Fiercely Leo!

5 beautiful zodiac accessories leo

Leos are hard to miss. They love being the center of attraction and never shy away from it. For a bold zodiac like Leo, this beautiful rose gold pendant is a great pick!

Price: Rs 345. Buy it here.

6. Virgos, The Perfectionists

6 beautiful zodiac accessories virgo

Virgos are perfectionists! They are intelligent, critical and love paying attention to detail. For a true Virgo we found the perfect piece of jewellery. Isn’t this charm pendant oh-so-charming?

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

7. The Lovely Libra

7 beautiful zodiac accessories libra

Librans are affectionate and love their family! We found a beautiful constellation ring for all you Librans out there. Its subtle yet bold design makes it an accessory you can wear every day!

Price: Rs 446. Buy it here.

8. Strong And Scorpio

8 beautiful zodiac accessories scorpio

Other than being strong and fierce, they are loyal and extremely dedicated people. These french clip dangling earrings are definitely something the Scorpio zodiac will love!

Price: Rs 871. Buy it here.

9. Vibrant Sagittarius!

9 beautiful zodiac accessories sagittarius

A Sagittarius has a vibrant personality and a way of making anyone feel comfortable around them. This vintage bracelet is a cool accessory that every girl with who is a Sagittarius will love to own. Add some charm to the Sagittarian calm with this one!

Price: Rs 580. Buy it here.

10. Work Oriented Capricorns!

10 beautiful zodiac accessories capricorn

Ambitious and determined, Capricorns are workaholics! They love spending time at work. For a personality as bold as theirs, this bohemian bracelet is perfect! Make a statement without any efforts. :-)

Price: Rs 1,943. Buy it here.

11. Originally Aquarian!

11 beautiful zodiac accessories aquarius

Aquarians are known to be original and independent. Air is their element and blue is their colour! If you’re an Aquarian yourself or have an Aquarian friend, these cute blue earrings are just perfect!

Price: Rs 737. Buy it here.

12. The Water Goddess, Pisces

12 beautiful zodiac accessories pisces

Pisces is a water sign and hence people with this zodiac sign are empathetic, selfless and helpful. This cool blue astrological pendant is perfect for the Pisces girl!

Price: Rs 1,943. Buy it here.

Are you ready to make a statement?!

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