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10 Things You Need To Be Honest With Him About (No Matter What)

10 Things You Need To Be Honest With Him About (No Matter What)
Honesty is the best policy, whether you believe it or not - specially when in a serious relationship. Yes, some truths are harsh and painful but if your bond is strong, nothing and no one can break it. You must be truthful to your partners because later on, the lies can damage everything, specially when it come to these things...

1. Your past

No matter how screwed up it may have been, you have to be able to open up to your partner about it. Everyone has done silly things and committed stupid mistakes in the past. Remember that it’s long gone and you have moved on with your life. There is nothing you can do to change the past, so focus on being a better person today and tomorrow.

1 honest in a relationship

2. Your finances

Dating and being in a relationship can get expensive. You want to go out often and buy him expensive gifts too. But, as a student or someone who has just landed a job, keeping this habit up isn’t possible. So tell your guy where you stand and plan accordingly. It’s not about the materialistic stuff anyway, but it’s the little things that matter in the long run.

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3. Your fears

No one is superhuman and we all have some or the other kind of fear. Tell your partner about it, maybe someday he can help you get over it or just know how to help when you are really scared of something.

3 honest in a relationship

4. Your family

Don’t paint an unrealistic picture about your family, ever. Every family has their ups and downs and their good and bad traits. There is no point lying about how you feel about them. Yes, sometimes you will hate them - so don’t lie about how you feel! Because it will only help him understand you better.

5. Things he does that bothers you

Men never get hints, so drop the subtle tactic. It’s never going to work. Tell him what annoys you, what behaviour or habits he should reflect on. Don’t try to change him but just let him know that there are some things he might want to work on for you to be happier together.

5 honest in a relationship

6. When you are angry

Again, don’t expect him to magically figure out that you are angry. Tell him what’s pissing you off. Tell him why he’s supposed to be sorry, if it makes you any less angry. Be open about everything. Communication is key!

7. What makes you jealous

Maybe his female best friend makes you jealous, maybe the fact that he’s in touch with his ex or just that he’s naturally charming that women start flirting with him. There’s no point hiding what you feel from him. And if he's worth your time, he'll definitely respect your feelings.

7 honest in a relationship

8. What you want from the relationship

If you aren’t looking for a something serious and aren’t in it for the long haul, then you shouldn’t keep him hanging. However, if he wants nothing serious and you’re looking for something long-term, then you shouldn’t be left hanging too. Clear all of these doubts and be completely honest about them when you discuss where the relationship is headed.

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9. When he doesn’t give you enough attention

Don’t just go to a corner and throw yourself a pity party. Men rarely realize how offensive they may have been or how they may have hurt you. They will never know on their own. So talk to him if you're feeling neglected and tell him how to make it better.

9 honest in a relationship

10. When you feel weak

Feeling weak may also lead to making a person feel absolutely hopeless. In times like these it’s always a good idea to talk it out. Your boyfriend is your best bet here! And until he knows what's making you feel weak, he can't help you feel strong, right?!

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