13 ADORABLE Ways To Celebrate Your Bestie’s Engagement!

13 ADORABLE Ways To Celebrate Your Bestie’s Engagement!
When your friends get fixed up - it's a big deal! You and your friends genuinely have an excuse to throw the best party ever! What better way to show your besties that you are fully on board with their decision to make the journey to happily ever after, than an awesome and totally unique engagement party?! Stuck with no ideas? Read on for some awesome engagement party inspiration!

1. Theme Party

Pick something original or special to the couple - like their favourite movie or a particular time period like the 70s or 80s. Great Gatsby parties are always a hit!

1 engagement party ideas

2. Surprise Party

They would never expect it and be so happy and relieved that planning this event is a responsibility off their shoulders.

3. Youngsters Only

Keep it quiet and only tell the youngsters about the engagement festivities - you could even rent a venue for the night and make sure that you guys party till dawn!

3 engagement party ideas

4. Weekend Getaway

Why not skip town all together and go away with friends for the weekend? You guys could make your own party once you get to the destination.

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5. Slumber Party

For those couples who aren't into the glitzy party scene why not throw a pyjama party?! This way everyone can party on till they crash out!

5 engagement party ideas

6. Kids Carnival

Everyone likes to embrace their inner child every now and then - throw a day party with loads of garden games and fun - it'll be great for the whole family and your group of friends!

7. Afternoon Tea

You could fancy things up for your bestie and her fiance by throwing an afternoon tea party! It's a nice and formal way to present the couple to the world over delightful conversation and cream tea!

7 engagement party ideas

8. Boozy Brunch

Organise an all-day brunch in honour of the couple. Make sure mimosas are a plenty and have lots of finger food. The photos in the day will turn out well too!

9. Rooftop Sundowner

If it's too hot to do a daytime party then host a sundowner on a terrace! The colours of the sunset will be enough to make this evening every bit magical!

9 engagement party ideas

10. All Nighter Pool Party

If you have access to a pool then a pool party at night is a good option. It will be unforgettable! Have your bestie’s fav numbers play as you guys party the night away in the pool!

11. Black And White

Why not go with a colour theme? Tell everyone to stick to the colours and then the couple can go for something completely different and truly stand out in the crowd!

11 engagement party ideas

12. Games Night

Go for something completely different and throw the perfect night in. Have games like monopoly or scrabble, taboo, card games or even a bride party vs groom party in a round of antakshri!

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13. Farmhouse Fun

Throw an epic party at a farmhouse. You can rent one for the evening and have your personal space all set for some fun and for creating some amazing memories!

13 engagement party ideas

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