Bengali Bride, North Indian Groom… This Love Story Is SO Cute!

Bengali Bride, North Indian Groom… This Love Story Is SO Cute!
I still remember the day when my parents and I shifted from Delhi to Kolkata. I really didn't like it at first. We had always lived in Delhi, but due to a family problem, we were left with no choice. I was just in the 8th grade at that time and was having a hard time adjusting in my new school. I was a fat child and felt extremely judged by the students for my looks. But then it was the same case in Delhi as well.

But life's not always too bad, right?! It was a beautiful summer morning when I saw this cute little boy passing by the corridor outside my classroom. He had a lunch box in his hand and I really don’t know what it was about him, but I just felt something! I know I was too young but there was this connection. I just knew at that time that I wanted to go talk to him… Be his friend!

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As luck would have it, Anoop and I were paired together for the big Annual Sports Day opening dance. That's when we really started spending time together. We would meet at the practice, during lunch and gradually started spending time with each other after school too. By now our teachers too had an idea of this 'friendship' that we shared. And they told our parents about the same! Thankfully, our parents didn’t react too harshly and simply asked us to concentrate on our studies instead.

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It was in 2008 that Anoop moved to another school, and the distance made us both realize how much we missed being together. His younger brother was still in my school and soon he became our designated mail man! Yes, we wrote letters to each other. :-)

And then on 13th September, 2008, Anoop finally proposed to me. It was simple. A text that read - ‘Kya main aapse utna hi pyaar expect kar sakta hoon, jitna main karta hoon?’. I had been waiting for this for so long! I read the text, re-read it… I was blushing, I could feel my heart beat louder and faster than ever and all I could text back was a ‘Yes’.

That was how we began dating and started our beautiful journey together.

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All these years, we have seen a lot of ups and downs. We witnessed growing up with each other. More than my boyfriend, he is my bestie.  All our 'firsts' have been with each other. And trust me, you can never ask for anything more than being in love with your best friend.

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Our ultimate challenge was acceptance from both the families. I am a Bengali while he hails from the North. It took quite some convincing but his family finally gave their approval in 2010. My family took a little longer! Four years later, in 2014, my father finally accepted him. A lot of people at that time found it unacceptable for me to be dating a non-Bengali. My parents were often asked why they'd agreed, to which they would reply that it was the happiness of the kids that really mattered.

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So finally, a story that began at the tender age of 14 blossomed into a beautiful wedding ceremony on the 22nd April 2016. I remember my wedding day. It was like our entire journey replayed in my mind. Who would’ve thought that we would come such a long way?! Today, we’re both happily married and looking forward to a beautiful future together.