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10 Awesome Reasons To Start Working Out With Your Bestie!

10 Awesome Reasons To Start Working Out With Your Bestie!
It's easier to fall out of routine than falling into one. Most of us will agree that sometimes (or most of the time) it's really hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym and start working out. In such a situation, it’s always better to have someone (your best friend, perhaps?) to continuously motivate you to perform better. Moreover, the rush that comes from competing with someone is incomparable. Here are 10 reasons to start working out with your girlfriends.

1. No more excuses

You know those days when it's a lazy afternoon or an evening after a long work day and it's almost time to go to the gym but you feel like slacking off and taking a nap instead? Say no to these thoughts and keep your focus. If you can’t, be sure that a girlfriend who is also looking to get fit will definitely up your focus and bully you into going to the gym. You are less likely to hit the snooze button and bunk concrete plans if you have someone who is constantly egging you on. You can do the same when they feel lazy and unmotivated. Win-win!

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2. Training brings people together

There’s nothing that builds strong relationships quite like working out together. Smirking at each other when you spot a really hot guy in the gym, exchanging fitness notes after a workout, keeping a tab on each other's diet - all of these things bring two best friends closer like nothing else. Moreover, since you’re training with your bestie, your level of interaction increases, thus bringing the two of you closer. People who train together, stay together. Nope, we did not just make that up. ;)

3. Makes working out more fun

Okay let's face it, working out is not always one’s favourite thing to do and can sometimes get very monotonous, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself in the same gym everyday. Your motto in a situation like this should be -  “more the merrier”. If you have people who you can have a little laugh with while you are working out then it is something you will look forward to.

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4. Mends relationships

Working out together releases endorphins which trigger a lot of positive feelings in the body. This not only helps in mending differences or rifts between two people but also ensures that these differences do not aggravate much. You know why? Imagine two people straight out of a workout with happy hormones coursing through their body. Get the drift?

5. Healthy competition helps you perform better

Who gets a flatter tummy first? This is one competition that we all have with our girlfriends because of that one outfit that we always want to fit into every season.You are likely to perform much better when you know that you are working out with your girlfriends and competiting to achieve a certain goal. Go out for a run perhaps? Challenge each other to run faster or complete more kilometres on your run. Our favourite - the Nike+ Running Club (NRC) App - helps you do all of this and much more.

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6. Crush-alert!

That  gym hottie you have been crushing on for a really long time? Your girlfriends are the only ones who will help you get to him. Because who makes a better wingman than some loyal girlfriends, right? And if there is no guy you are crushing on then there are always ripped, dreamy men to stare and admire (bordering on being creepy right now!). And who better to judge and analyse your choices than your favourite group of girls?

7. Trying out a new workout is not scary anymore

We all know how scared we get when we are asked to try a new exercise because we’re afraid of doing it wrong or not being able to do it at all. When you have your girls beside you, it's less intimidating and safer to start trying out new exercises. Once one of you is able to perform something new, the others follow.

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8. More reasons to shop together

Nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to the joy that you experience when you’re out shopping. At least that’s the case with us. And it is only matched by the joy you feel when you have your girlfriends along. Gym selfies are an important task afterall. Without gym selfies, no gym session should be complete. And a selfie is never complete without the right workout gear.

9. Share a personal trainer

Personal trainers can be expensive and getting one just means fewer take-out meals or...gosh...even shopping! But the stress is way lower when you have a friend to workout with. Trainers tend to charge less when there are two people in a class. And you can split his costs between the two of you. Another great option is the Nike+ Training Club (NTC) App which has workout for your goals from some of the best trainers in the world. Best part? Its free!!

Working out together

10. Snacking partner post-workout

It's not just about the time you spend while working out but also the time after it. We all love post workout snacking (read healthy snacking) and who better than our girlfriends to accompany us for a little chat over a glass of juice or healthy scrambled eggs from a nearby thela. And if some days you feel like cheating with desserts, they can give you a long lecture about how your butt jiggles when you walk. Or they might join you. We love it when it’s the latter.

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