After A Breakup & 5 Other Times We Wish Time Moved Faster! | POPxo
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After A Breakup & 5 Other Times We Wish Time Moved Faster!

After A Breakup & 5 Other Times We Wish Time Moved Faster!

Do you have those days at work when you think it’s 5pm but it’s actually just 1pm and there’s a LOT of work left? Yeah, we have those moments as well. Sometimes, we can’t help but feel that someone has slowed time down just to mess with us! No matter how patient you are, you’re likely to feel this way at least once. So here’s a list of 6 times that we really wished time would move faster!

1. Adolescence...that awkward phase!

When we were adolescents – you know, when adults treat you like an adult only when it’s convenient for them - we couldn’t wait to be 18! We wanted to be able to drive, to be able to go out on dates and maybe even live on our own and be independent. Especially when we were struggling through those silly class tests, we couldn’t wait to be older and not have to face those “stupid things” ever again! wish time moved faster 1

2. When our favourite TV show is over...

...and there is no point in living! How many times has it happened that a season of our favourite TV show has ended on a cliff hanger? We hate it but love it altogether. And the time that we have to spend waiting for the new season really seems never ending… *grrrr* wish time moved faster 2

3. Waiting for results - “Did I make it?!”

Waiting for the results of exams or contests or competitions to be announced really tests our patience, doesn't it? Especially if it is OUR results! We're going through this right now because of the Jabong-Puma online event. From 10th to 15th August, the highest purchaser of Puma products on Jabong will get to meet Usain Bolt (the fastest man on the planet!) in Germany. We can't wait for the winners to be announced! Can this week go by faster, please? wish time moved faster 3

4. Getting over a breakup

Having to let go of a relationship that you’ve built with someone you cared for is really tough. Healing takes time but deep down you know that you’ll make it through and will eventually move on. Soon enough you’ll be agreeing to Beyonce’s empowering post-breakup songs! *Yaas Queen!* wish time moved faster 4 (1)

5. Stuck in rush-hour traffic

Oh the dreaded rush hour! It sucks to be stuck in traffic with nothing to do. And when the traffic jam finally starts to move ahead slowly, we get our hopes up, only to be stopped by the signal light when we reach it! Waiting for 115 seconds of a red light to turn green really makes us wish time would actually move faster. wish time moved faster

6. Last class of the day

Afternoon lectures are the worst! We’re all drowsy after lunch and it gets difficult to pay attention. And due to some magical force, it seems to be the longest class ever. So, we end up staring at the clock, willing it to move faster so that the class gets over soon. wish time moved faster 6 *This is a sponsored post for Jabong.
Published on Aug 9, 2016
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