#FashionDiaries: Why I Used To Wear A Tummy Tucker Every Day

#FashionDiaries: Why I Used To Wear A Tummy Tucker Every Day
One would assume that tummy tuckers are usually worn by women who are on the larger side, but in my case, it was the opposite. I kid you not, but in spite of being thin and having a size-26 waist, I used to wear shapewear. Earlier, I never paid too much attention to my body’s appearance. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. My doctor would always tell me that the secret to my slim physique was my high metabolism rate. Until one day…

After college ended, I got a job at a publishing agency. Since writing was my passion, I spent most of time sitting at my desk. Every hour, I would munch on something or the other. By the time I got home, I had absolutely no energy to lift even a finger. Months went by and suddenly I noticed that I had lower-belly fat. It’s strange how I gained no weight anywhere else but on my tummy.

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I never let it get to me until someone pointed it out. I was meeting my college friends after 3 years and I was super excited! I wore a teal shift dress with white sneakers and was waiting for them at a popular eatery at Bandra.

I wore a tummy tucker

After meeting them, the initial 15 minutes were exciting, until one friend pointed at my belly and told me that I’ve put on weight. To top it off, all night they kept teasing me and poking fun at the belly...all in good fun, the way friends do. I tried to play it cool by saying it’s a food baby, but inside, I was shattered.

The next day I took a good hard look at my belly. As weeks went by, I started looking at my body in disgust. No matter how much I ran, drank green tea or ate veggies, nothing seemed to do the trick. Burning abdominal fat is the toughest, and the fastest way I could hide it was to invest in a tummy tucker. I eventually picked one up, and wore it practically every single day. To tell you truth, it did make a difference.

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I felt comfortable with people not passing silly comments at me or staring at my tummy. I wore it for six whole months. The harsh comments reduced in number and I started feeling good about myself. However, all of it was temporary. I slowly started to find time to work on my body. Before I stepped out for work, I would go for a long walk at the joggers park. I started avoiding starchy food, cut down on beers and started drinking more water. It took me four months to see the results. Four months of hard work, patience and self motivation.

I don’t wear a tummy tucker anymore because I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m cautious of what I eat, and take care of the physique I took so long to achieve. My body may not be perfect in other people’s eyes, but in mine, it’s healthy and happy. I thank those people who ridiculed my tummy flab, because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t strive for something that needed my attention. Today, I feel light, healthy and super confident, all because I never gave up even when it seemed impossible.

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