Dear Girls, Why Your Weight Is Just Another Number...

Dear Girls, Why Your Weight Is Just Another Number...
Dear women of the world,

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror or assessed your weight? Truly? I'm not talking about your reflection and I am not talking about the numbers on the scale. I mean beyond that, behind the obvious, beneath what society tells us to look at. When was the last time you truly had a look?

Given the grave amount of body shaming that occurs on a daily basis I have taken to writing this letter with the aim to encourage women to think less about their weight and more about themselves.

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Too fat, too thin, size zero... Terms that most of us are sadly all too familiar with. We live in a world that obsesses over one's weight. Not only do women have access to the plethora of platforms that continually bounce between advising "how to shed those 5 kilos now" and advertising the "hottest cookie recipe ever" but we have a string of celebrities that are idolized for their appearances and especially thrusted into the limelight should the numbers on their scales change drastically up or down. And sometimes, not even all that drastically.

Internal look beyond weight

It doesn't matter whether you are on the "healthier" side of things or the "skinnier" side of things - someone will make a comment. And if you are from a community like mine - you can rest assured that these comments will be frequent.

Having gained a sizeable amount of weight recently, I have been on the receiving end of an array of unsolicited and uninvited comments. Some are more subtle than others, some…not so much. It was through this weight gain however that I realized the true weight one puts on their stature above all other things.

Of course it's not our fault, the above mentioned media only complements the fashion industry that refuse to allow the various sizes and body shapes to shine and "real" women to act as brand ambassadors. Even the few brands that have embraced a change in their campaigns are known to have come under fire for doing so.

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Scroll down Facebook Instagram - depending on your choice following - it doesn't take longer than 3 to 4 minutes for something to do with your weight to come up, even if it's just an advert for waist shapers... But why are we so obsessed with weight? Why do we lay such importance on it? Is there a way to escape these numbers?

No one is asking you to stop going to the gym or stop eating healthy. You can want to be fit, you can want to be strong, you can want to be in control - just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons! Be mindful and aware of your self worth beyond your weight. Take stock of yourself as a person not as a number. I promise you this - your panache, your spirit and your happiness does NOT depend on those numbers. Incase you forgot or no one told you lately -  you are more than your weight.

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