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10 Reasons Having An Arranged Marriage Is Actually Pretty Cool!

10 Reasons Having An Arranged Marriage Is Actually Pretty Cool!
It is old school, yes, but that’s exactly what’s so great about an arranged marriage. If you’re not keeping up with the “modern” dating times, if you’re actually let your mom and dad look for guys for you instead of swiping left and right on apps, we applaud you. Allow us to tell you that you are in for some really fun times ahead. Here’s why we think having an arranged marriage is pretty cool!

1. Your family already loves your husband-to-be...

So you don’t have to worry about settling him in and making sure he’s comfortable with them. Everyone else in your family will do that for you. And take it from us, it’s a great load off your shoulders.

1 arranged marriage is cool

2. In fact, your in-laws go out of their way to make you feel at home.

Since your in-laws kinda chose you for their son, they will pamper you with much love and attention, if only to prove that their choice was right. You can now go ahead and clear your memory of images of vengeful MILs busy plotting against their bahus. That kind of stuff probably happens only in Hindi TV serials.

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3. Your family prompts you to go on dates. Imagine that!

And they give happily give you permission (unlike ever before) to stay out late. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being caught with a boy by some door ke rishtedaar.

3 arranged marriage is cool

4. You accept each other just the way you are, because you aren’t trying to “impress” one another.

Couples in an arranged marriage setup actually lay out all their cards on the table, and most of them do so in the first meeting itself. And even though it may sound surprising, it actually brings in a higher level of understanding, acceptance and respect in their relationship.

5. You courtship period is super exciting!

Because even though you are probably getting married in six months, you know very little about each other, and that leaves so much room to discover and talk about. It’s quite like an adventure, actually.

5 arranged marriage is cool

6. And your honeymoon is a different experience altogether

‘Coz it isn’t just your first trip as a couple together, but also the first trip when you are alone, away from your families and, um, can have fun. (If you know what we mean!)

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7. More often than not, you two are socially compatible.

Because when your parents find a partner for you, they inevitably look for someone who has the same tastes, lifestyle and upbringing as you, which makes it much easier for you two to bond.

7 arranged marriage is cool

8. You try harder to understand each other in your marriage...

Because it wasn’t like you fell in love and ignored each other’s flaws; instead you chose to accept them and understand them all.

9. Your happy ending is written - it’s like everybody is just waiting for you to fill in your love story in between!

Love blooms and grows with time in your relationship, and this love is strong like none other.  

9 arranged marriage is cool

10. And everyone’s a part of your story…

For even though it may sound like a Hum Saath Saath Hain movie script, don’t we all still love that movie?!

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