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Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage: Which Is Better?!

Prerna Chauhan

Guest Contributor

Have you thought about getting married? What would it be like? Would it be an arranged marriage? Or would it be a love marriage? Well, we still haven’t figured it out for ourselves! Some people on Quora answered the question: which is better - an arranged marriage or a love marriage?! Here’s what they have to say...

1. Divya Sharma Dixit says…

A marriage in which both the partners are willing to make compromises and are patient enough to deal with all the odds that come their way, a marriage in which they trust each other, respect each other and love unconditionally. It doesn't matter if it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

Such marriages work, irrespective of any obstacle.

1 arranged marriage or love marriage

2. Upma Batra says…

My Mom explained this to me once (not sure if it’s totally correct).

In a love marriage, we are so in love with that person, that we don't care about our family and relatives (if they are not in favor of the marriage). We enjoy the first few years of married life, but it takes a certain amount of time for the family to accept a new member. After a few years, we realize that love is not the only thing which is substantial in life. Real life problems can not be solved with just love.

In an arranged marriage, we find a suitable match. Love is missing, but it can grow with time. With time, two people who live together can fall in love.

Destiny plays a very important role in our lives.

However, I prefer being single! :P

2 arranged marriage or love marriage

3. Saurabh Jha says…

You should marry someone who loves you and whom you can love back. There is a good and a bad side to every person, love makes you accept someone along with his/ her shortcomings.

In a love marriage, if you continue to love that person even after marriage, that person will be a perfect life partner for you.

In an arranged marriage, if you fall in love after marriage and accept that person, you will always try to look on the bright side, even in the darkest times.

If there’s no love between the couple after marriage, then that marriage is like a contract, and it’s just being dragged for the sake of parents or children.

3 arranged marriage or love marriage

4. Monica Thakur says…

Arranged marriages are a bit risky, but love marriages are risky only when you make hasty decisions and get married to a person without knowing them thoroughly. Usually, the passion fades with time, but friendship, companionship and compatibility stay till the end. So, if you are getting married to a person you’re compatible with, you’re not taking any risk.

In an arranged marriage, if you find someone like that then you’re really lucky.

4 arranged marriage or love marriage

5. Liang-Hai Sie says…

I feel that people have the right to choose their life partner, that’s why I'm against arranged marriages. Having said this, often parents look around and introduce their children to "compatible" would-be-spouses, but the final decision should be taken by their children only. One should take time to know a person and whether or not they’re compatible with them.

So, a love marriage is definitely better!

5 arranged marriage or love marriage

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Ladies, raise your hands if you still prefer being single… *Laughs*
Published on Aug 31, 2016
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