Where To Make A Profile If You're Looking For A Startup Job?

Where To Make A Profile If You're Looking For A Startup Job?
Startups have literally mushroomed across India in the past few years and have become quite a rage. Their new age concepts, approach and an off-beat work ethic is what makes them so undeniably attractive especially to the youngsters who are on the lookout for their first job. So ladies, if you too want to land yourself in a startup, here are a few platforms you need to update your profiles on.

1. Angellist

This is a one-stop destination for anyone looking for a job in a startup. It has multiple opportunities in almost every field. Your profile on Angellist, if meticulously constructed, can get you noticed by a lot of potential employers.

How to have a smashing profile: Your bio is the first thing that’s visible to anyone. Keep it concise, accurate and crisp. Always have at least one recommendation and if there is a specific company you are interested in, you may also mention that. In such a case do not forget to mention the “Why?”. See this example: Raoul Bostrom's Profile

Especially great for: Engineering students and students who wish to work in the field of social media.

1 Looking for a startup job

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like the Facebook for professionals. Right from huge corporations to budding startups, everyone has their hiring managers snooping around on Linkedin. All you need is a superb profile and you will find yourself getting quite a few good offers. Visit the website here.

How to have a smashing profile: Don’t just create one and forget about it. Keep it updated as you switch jobs or acquire new skill sets. The photograph you use should be less on the funky side and more on the crisp professional side. Also, keep building your network by following and adding people who are already employed in the field you are trying to enter. See this example: Manika Parasher's Profile

Especially great for: Diverse fields and roles.

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3. Behance

If you are looking for a job in the creative field, this is where you can build an at-a-glance profile, which will speak your talent out. Although you may notice that it does not have active job listings for India, but there is every chance that your potential employer will go and look up your profile on behance.

How to have a smashing profile: A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore choose the image/animation you are incorporating in your profile wisely, so that it vividly speaks of your skills. It’s always a good idea to be crisp, concise but accurate about your details including your location because this makes your profile more descriptive and believable enough for the employer to reach out to you. See this example: Marbling Space's Profile

Especially great for: Photographers, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, designers, art directors.

3 Looking for a startup job

4. Dribbble

This is quite literally a show and tell for designers. Instead of trying to squeeze your skills and creativity into words, try sampling your work on this platform. It basically allows you to answer the question “What are you working on right now?”, using screenshots and images from your latest works. This in turn gives your potential employer an insight into what you are capable of.

How to have a smashing profile: Put your best foot forward and choose what you show wisely. Describe your work in few but well thought out words. Make sure your bio describes who you are, what you do, and how people may get in touch with you. Don’t make it too long though. See this example: Mike's Profile

Especially great for: Designers, graphic designers, creative directors, product designers.

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5. Superapp

Superapp is like the Tinder for jobs. You can simply swipe through the companies who are hiring for a profile that matches yours. And since it’s an app, you can literally carry it in your pocket. Check it out here.

How to make a smashing profile: Since this is an app there is not much that can go wrong. Follow the basics and provide accurate information about yourself both in personal as well as professional avenues.

Especially great for: Everyone.

5 Looking for a startup job

6. About.me

This can be your own personal page. As the name suggests, it’s about you. You can create your complete profile by adding a picture, your bio, education and work. You can link it to your Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles too. Also, for a minimal amount you can buy your own custom domain. For eg: for aboutme/RahulVaid you can buy a custom domain aboutrahulvaid.com. This will redirect to your About.me page.

How to make a smashing profile: Put in unique things about yourself that will make people want to work with you. You do not need to go into deep details about yourself, since that can be achieved by linking your LinkedIn account. See this example: Raoul Bostrom's Profile

Especially great for: Everyone.

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