What’s Your “Girlfriend” Personality? Your Zodiac Says…

What’s Your “Girlfriend” Personality? Your Zodiac Says…
Man may never understand the mysteries of nature, but time and again we have seen that the sign we are born into influences our personality in various ways. So, here is what your zodiac has to say about the kind of girlfriend you are…

1. Aries

You, Aries, are the adventurous and fearless kind of a person and these traits shine through your relationships as well. You appreciate genuineness in your boyfriend and even the slightest hint of pretence puts you off. You are careful but not foolish in love, and that’s why once you commit to someone in a relationship you give him everything you have.

1 girlfriend personality

2. Taurus

Usually an easygoing girlfriend, you are someone who still loves to be pampered occasionally. You appreciate someone who has a fine taste, sense of style, manners of a gentleman and is stable. You love hard and love deep. Your anchor in a relationship is loyalty, and you expect the commitment, honesty and loyalty that you are willing to give. Once you find your soulmate, you do whatever you can in order to keep you both going strong.

2 girlfriend personality

3. Gemini

Gemini, you are the kind of girlfriend for whom freedom and security are the cornerstones of your relationship. You are unpredictable, easy going and extremely social as a person which is why your relationship is always full of excitement and never dull or boring. You are a passionate lover but at the same time believe in the mantra - "live and let live".

3 girlfriend personality

4. Cancer

You Cancer, are an absolute sweetheart. You are sensitive, highly intuitive and extremely loving in a relationship. You value a partner who can understand and respect the intensity of your emotions. You believe in taking your relationship ahead one step at a time and take your own time in order to make sure that you are letting the right person in. Sense of security and belongingness is a must for you and you make sure that your partner feels the same way.

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5. Leo

You are an extremely charming and vivacious person Leo, and for you to fall in love with someone, respect is a major requisite. You love attention from your partner and rightfully demand it from him. Your innate sense of style fires your love to be pampered and surprised with unabashed expression of love. To some, you may come across as high maintenance but you reciprocate equally if not more profound gestures.  

5 girlfriend personality

6. Virgo

You, Virgo, are extremely independent and a perfectionist and your partner needs to be well versed with these traits of yours. You are an extremely stable, practical and reliable partner, who believes in reason. Although sentimental and romantic, you are not blind in love, which is why you, at times, may question your partner. That however does not mean that you do not trust him. If anything, it shows that you trust him enough to address your concerns with him directly.

6 girlfriend personality

7. Libra

Libra, you are an extremely warm, vivacious and articulate person even in a relationship. You are the kind who loves having long meaningful discussions and intellect draws you to a guy. You are cautious in love, but extremely loyal and unapologetically demand the same loyalty and honesty as you put into the relationship. You are not of extremely dominating nature but at the same time you do not give in to being dominated or dictated either.

7 girlfriend personality

8. Scorpio

You, Scorpio, need your own time and space, relationship or not. You are possessive (not overly) of your man and want to feel that he is yours and yours alone. Fiercely loyal and trustworthy, you are also the one to step cautiously into the circle of love, because once you take the plunge, you go deep. You are sensual, intense, confident and make for unforgettable lovers!

8 girlfriend personality

9. Sagittarius

You are a free spirit, a traveller and the one to take your partner through all your travels hand in hand. You are passionate, intellectual and physical attraction matters to you. That, however, does not mean you fall in love with a face only. You appreciate a guy who is grounded and yet can understand your thirst for knowledge and travel. You are an optimist which works well in your favour because are able to see your mate’s potential even when he is at his lowest.

9 girlfriend personality

10. Capricorn

You are an old-school kind of lover. You are ambitious and sensible, yet extremely loyal in a relationship. It takes a confident man to win your love and respect and once he does, you are the kind to hold on, through thick and thin. A sense of security and stability is an important factor for you when it comes to finding a partner for life

10 girlfriend personality

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11. Aquarius

You are someone who is passionate, charming and to you matching of mental frequencies is way more important than looks. When in a relationship you are the kind to share the dream of a life together, showing your partner the endless beautiful possibilities in store for the both of you. You are the kind of partner who looks beyond what is obvious into the depth of your partner's heart and establish a strong bond of trust and faith.

11 girlfriend personality

12. Pisces

You, Pieces, are the heart of a true lover. You are emotional, sincere and considerate. You may appear to be secretive at first, but that is you just being careful about who you let into your life. You are a gentle, nurturing and an ardent lover who has the capability of handling and healing the dark shades of your partner’s life.

12 girlfriend personality

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