#HeSays: What Attracts Guys To Girls? (It's Not Just Looks!)

#HeSays: What Attracts Guys To Girls? (It's Not Just Looks!)
We know we make mistakes sometimes and end up falling for a girl just based on looks. But that kind of attraction never lasts too long. Here are some thing guys find attractive about girls - OTHER than their looks!

1. A bright and happy personality

Guys in movies might think that crying girls are beautiful, but that's usually only after they've fallen in love. Generally, we get attracted to girls who are really, really happy.

2. Passion for things

What makes a girls especially impressive is if she's passionate about things. If she believes in something with her heart and soul, it just makes us want to keep on talking to her about it.

2 what guys find attractive

3. A sense of humour

If a girl can not only laugh, but also laugh at herself? Well, she's one we definitely want to keep laughing with! A sense of humour is really important - and it's especially great if she gets our not-so-smart jokes too!

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4. An eye for the little things

We know that girls like it when we notice things about them. But it works the other way too, you know. We love to be complimented on our new haircuts or the new shirt we're wearing... A girl who notices all of these things is super hot in our eyes.

4 what guys find attractive

5. Dedication to getting what she wants

We mean this purely in the sense of career goals and her professional life. A woman who can tell you without hesitation what her professional aim is and how she plans on getting there can be intimidating if we can't say the same thing about ourselves - but even then we feel super attracted to her.

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6. A kind and generous heart

And no, this does not mean a girl needs to be part of charities or do social work. If a girl is kind by heart it wouldn't just show in her actions but in the little ways she functions too. This one has got to be one of the most attractive things about a woman.

6 what guys find attractive

7. Being smart and opinionated

Last but SO not the least - brains! We love it when a woman has strong opinions on things and isn't afraid of expressing them. So, yes, we're attracted to your brains, ladies - there's just no denying it!

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