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Sell old clothes online and buy new ones

Sell old clothes online and buy new ones

Closet cleaning usually ends with us staring at a pile of clothes we have absolutely no idea what to do with! Haven’t we all wished that we could sell old clothes and get rid of those unwanted pieces of clothing and earn some money? After all, they cost us a bomb. Guess what guys, now you can sell used clothes online! Check out these 9 fashion re-selling websites where you can sell your old clothes you once loved! 1. Spoyl Yourself
1 websites to sell clothesThe Spoyl app is a community of fashion mongers who want to buy or sell their clothes! There is direct interaction between the buyers and sellers which makes it incredibly easy to sell online and make money. The app also offers their own concierge if you don’t want to get into the hassle of selling. Sell old clothes at the comfort of your home. Check It Out Here: 

2. It’s Time To SnobSwap

2 websites to sell clothesSnobSwap has three options for you to sell old clothes: You can sell online, partner with a nearby boutique and let the website sell your items or swap your items for other things on the website! Such a great way to get rid of the old clothes, and get new ones!  Check It Out Here: 

3. Refashion Your Closet

3 websites to sell clothesRefashioner aims at re-selling all things vintage. With a collection of vintage clothing items and one-of-a-kind pieces, the website will definitely take you back in time. It resells clothes, accessories and shoes.  Check It Out Here: 

4. Shopping, Once Again

4 websites to sell clothesAn Indian online marketplace for fashion, Once Again offers you to sell used clothes online along with shoes, accessories and bags. The process of selling here is rather simple. All you have to do is click a picture of the items you wish to sell and post it online. After which they’ll send you a shipping label and get the items collected once you’re done packing it. And tada! Item = Sold.  Check It Out Here: 

5. Style-Sell-Tradesy

5 websites to sell clothesTradesy is an online re-selling website for high end brands. Just take a picture of the clothes you want to give away and leave the rest to Tradesy to sell online! They’ll do all the monotonous tasks like proposing a price to shipping a free packaging kit to handling returns. Start selling already! It hasn’t been easier to sell used clothes online. Check It Out Here: 

6. Shop At Elanic!

6 websites to sell clothesJust as you sell old clothes, almost every other household item can also be sold at Elanic. Buy and sell in a snap! Yes, that’s what Elanic promises. Snap the item you want to sell and the rest will be taken care of. From picking the product to packaging and selling everything is done by their logistics. It really is that easy!  Check It Out Here: 

7. eBay Valet

7 websites to sell clothesEbay has a team of professionals who sell online for you! Be it clothes, electronics, collectables - you can sell it at all on eBay. Valets are experienced sellers and do all the work while you sit back and relax while waiting for your money.  Check It Out Here: 

8. Loot-Coutloot!

8 websites to sell clothesAnother website that helps sell old clothes in the most fun way ever!! Here you will also find a lot of fashion bloggers selling items from their closets. It’s a must try for both selling your old clothes and buying new ones!  Check It Out Here: 

9. Confidential Couture!

9 websites to sell clothesIndia’s first authentic website for pre-owned luxury goods! If you have high-end branded items you wish to sell then Confidential Couture is the place for you! You can not only sell your luxury goods, but also buy really amazing branded accessories at an unbelievable price!
Check It Out Here:  We are so looking forward to cleaning our closet now! Are you? Let's start selling!  Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Aug 29, 2016
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