10 Cute Ways To Make Your New Jiju Feel Welcome In The Family!

10 Cute Ways To Make Your New Jiju Feel Welcome In The Family!
Your sister is getting married and everyone is giving her tips and advice on how to settle into the new house. The boy’s side must be making efforts to welcome her and make her feel comfortable at home. Similarly, even you need to welcome your jiju and make him feel comfortable with your family. Here are some amazing ideas to welcome your jiju into your family!

1. Bring out the old albums

Take out old family albums and share childhood memories with him. Tell him stories behind the photos. Laugh with him at your sister’s funny pictures. This way you both will be able to bond with each other and he would get to share the childhood memories.

2. Tell him a few inside jokes

Every family has funny aunties and uncles who have the most remarkable stories and habits. Share funny stories about these family members so that your jiju can also join you guys when you laugh at their funny habits and things!

2 jiju feel welcome

3. Bond with the cousins...

Plan a night out where just the youngsters of the house go out with him. Call all your cousins and raise a toast to the new member of the family!

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4. Be on his team

Tell him embarrassing and funny secrets of your sister (safe ones, though) and become a part of his team in pulling her leg. You can also help him pamper your sister as you know her the best. Help him shop for her and plan surprises for her!

4 jiju feel welcome

5. Go on a cousins’ holiday

Plan a getaway with your jiju, sister, your cousins and his cousins. You all could go for a short trip for rafting or maybe even a road trip. This way you would help your jiju spend some time with your sister and also help you get to know your jiju better; after all, being away from the eyes of elders gives you all a chance to have more fun together.

6. Make him feel comfortable in your home!

Initially, he might feel awkward when he comes over - when all eyes of the relatives are on him. At this point of time, make sure you strike up a conversation with him and make him feel comfortable.

6 jiju feel welcome

7. Cook for him, maybe?

Ask your sister about his favourite dishes and cook for him when he comes home. This would make him feel welcome - and also make sure you’re his favourite saali!

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8. Play some games together

Antakshari, Dumb Charades, karaoke... anything. Play some games with him and your cousins and make him a part of your crazy family!

8 jiju feel welcome

9. Bond with his friends and family

Make sure you take the initiative with his friends and family too. Bond with them, go out with them. This way, he would acknowledge your efforts and feel happy about it.

10. He is your brother now!

If you both are just two sisters, having him around shows you what it is to have a brother (in-law!). Irritate each other, go out with each other, watch movies and have fun together.

10 jiju feel welcome

Don’t ever feel that he is an outsider. He is a part of your family now. Your sister’s marriage has made your family bigger, better and happier!

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