8 Ways To Make Money While In College - Earn As You Learn!

8 Ways To Make Money While In College - Earn As You Learn!

The money is never enough and the expenses are endless. We get it. Life in college is almost always spent being broke, and everyone is constantly trying to make ends meet. But if you want to earn a bit while studying, here are a few ways to do it!

1. Freelance your way into earning some easy money

A lot of companies and individuals are looking for people who can work for them on a freelance basis. For example, most content websites need freelance writers, and pay them per word/ article. But companies are also willing to pay people for other skills like designing, translating or simply transcribing audios. The best part is that you can finish these projects more or less according to your own time and convenience. You can check out Media Jobs Daily (India) on Facebook, for such freelancing openings. 1 earn in college

2. Hold tuition classes in that one subject you love

Why not? You can decide on the time, and also decide on how many students you wish to teach. This won’t just help you strengthen your basics in this one subject, but you’ll also experience and learn what it takes to be on the other side of the table.

3. Participate in events and get paid for your services on a daily basis

So many events keep happening all around us, from book fairs to F1 race events to music concerts. All you have to do is get in touch with the event management companies who are organizing them and work for them. You won’t just get free entry, but will also get paid decently, on a per day basis. Great when you need some quick cash, right? 3 earn in college

4. Start blogging/ vlogging

You can start your own Youtube channel or blog, on any subject that interests you, from books to gadgets to history or science. You can then get on Google adsense, and after gathering a decent number of followers, can get paid for advertisements on your blog/ channel, and also for every page view that your channel or blog gets. It’ll teach you how to run a business of your own, while still in college. You can find Guide on Blogging here Also read: 10 Ways That Joining A Society Makes Your College Life *Better*

5. Get an internship

From big corporate houses to start-ups, everybody wants to hire interns. You can work with them from two to three months, during your summer vacations, and earn decent money along with recommendations. Of course, you'll have to look harder for the companies that actually pay interns but it'll be worth it at the end. This will give your resume an edge over your peers, post college. 5 earn in college

6. Participate in research studies/ survey

There are so many user research studies that companies and individuals hold, to get productive feedback on their products or services. This is valuable information that people are willing to pay you to participate in them for. You can either sit for these researches, or fill out survey forms, and get paid accordingly. However, the money isn’t great, and a lot of people may try to fool you and get you to do it for free, so do be careful. Also read: 10 College-Time Activities That Actually Look GREAT On Your CV!

7. Sell stock photography online

We’re all quite adept at taking good pictures, thanks to the many selfies we take, and the photo edits we make. But did you know that you can actually sell photos you take online? Websites such as istockphoto.com pay you for every download of your photo. It’s not just a great way of building your portfolio online, but also earning some money online along the way. 7 earn in college

8. Write an E-book

Do you aspire to write and publish your own book one day? Take baby steps towards achieving that dream by writing an e-book and selling it on Amazon, ebay and others. Who knows, you might just get discovered by a publisher, and kickstart your career. Meanwhile, you will get paid for every service. You can learn more here. So what are you waiting for, girls? Get going!! GIFs: Giphy