smoke bombs in pre wedding shoots

Here’s How To Add A Touch Of MAGIC To Your Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Manasvi Abhishek Jaitly

Wedding Editor

If you’ve been following us regularly, you must have already noticed this colourful and amazing new element in all the latest pre-wedding shoots. If not, then well, we’re talking about smoke bombs! Pre-wedding shoots are getting more and more innovative by the day and it’s the props that make all the difference. And if you’re still wondering what the smoke bomb is all are all the deets.

1 smoke bombs in pre wedding shoots

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

So what exactly are smoke bombs?

Essentially, it’s a stick that once lit, gives out soft colourful plumes to make your photographs look even more whimsical. Run along with a stick in your hand or just let the smoke surround you as you two share an intimate moment. This one tool, no matter how you use it, is sure to add that touch of magic to your pictures.

2 smoke bombs in pre wedding shoots

Image: Confetti Films

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Are they safe?

Yup, they are! However, if you suffer from asthma, we’d suggest you avoid it. The smoke is often thick and has a strong smell. So those sensitive to smoke and smell should give it a miss as well. Another tiny little issue is that coloured smoke can leave a stain on your clothes. But if you don’t plan to walk into it, it should be fine!

3 smoke bombs in pre wedding shoots

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

Where do I get them?

Your photographer is someone who’d definitely be able to arrange it for you. But for the DIY kind of brides, you can always pick it up here. Ideally, a smoke stick should burn for around one minute once you light it. That leaves you with plenty of time to strike a few awesome poses, right?!

4 smoke bombs in pre wedding shoots

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

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What do we think?

We love it! When it comes to pre wedding shoots, creativity is the key. And we’d totally suggest you to try this trend while it’s still hot and happening!

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Published on Aug 02, 2016
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