What Gifts To Send With Your Shaadi Invite? 12 Amazing Wedding Invitation Gift Ideas!

What Gifts To Send With Your Shaadi Invite? 12 Amazing Wedding Invitation Gift Ideas!

A little sugar, a little spice and something nice… Yup, we’re talking about the wedding invite favours here! Shaadi ka cards are becoming more and more elaborate, and so are the little gifts that you present with them. While we still appreciate the traditional box of ladoos, there’s a lot more you can experiment with. Here are 12 new and amazing Indian wedding invitation basket ideas to make sure your invite totally stands out!

Wedding Invite Gifts For You To Explore

From sweet tooth to a basketful of prettiness, out wedding invitation gift ideas have something for everyone!

Sweetness In A Jar

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If your mom feels it’s essential to give something sweet with the card, switch up the mithais with jars of organic jams. It’s unique and your guests will absolutely love to receive this little basket of goodness. Put together a hamper of 3-4 different flavours, wrap it up with a net and tie on a cute little ribbon.

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Pretty Potted Plants

Potted Plants for desk wedding gift ideas

Want to gift your guests something that they'll cherish for a long, long time? Potted plants are a thoughtful and offbeat gift choice. Choose an attractive planter - something like the colourful mini buckets that are so popular these days. You can even include a packet of seeds in the invite basket along with a note that reads - ‘Let Love Grow <3’. Sweet, right?!

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A Set Of Fun Coasters!

One of the best wedding invitation ideas on our list, this is one that your guests are definitely going to use! Because everyone needs a set of funky coasters in their house. From the ones with funny one-liners to others with quirky Indian art, there's a lot out there from you to choose from. Throw in a couple of chocolates along with your invite and you’re done!

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Smells Like Heaven!

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Wouldn’t it be just awesome to receive an aroma oil and diffuser set with a wedding invite? Gift your guests an aroma set that’ll instantly make their house smell and feel fabulous! It’s not just different but something that’s loved by all. You could also include tealight holders, incense sticks or a set of candles for a fuller look.

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A Goody Basket Like No Other

Think of a basket with assorted goodness like exotic Indian spices, aam papad, tiny bottles of sherbet, homemade pickle, dried pan - the works, right? There is no end to all that you can include. Your wedding card designer will be able to help you with designing mini pouches or bottles for the same. We bet this goody basket will be a sure shot hit!

Let’s Talk Cupcakes!

Because everyone loves them! Replace the mithai ka Dabba with an attractive box filled with macarons or cupcakes. Include a variety of flavours and you could even customize each one of your cupcakes with wedding related things - the wedding date, a ring, a palki, the couple's photo. There’s a lot you can get creative with your wedding invite gifts!

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A Box Full Of Love

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Pretty storage boxes are always welcome in any home. They make your room look good and are also extremely useful to store those little knick-knacks. So, if you don’t want to go overboard, present your card with a gorgeous looking box. Don’t forget to fill it up with a few chocolates and a little heartfelt note, perhaps.

POPxo Recommends: The Wishing Chair

Artisanal Chocolates

Chocolates are just so amazing that they definitely deserve a section of their own! Customize your wedding invitation with some colourful, artisanal chocolates that your invitees will be glad to receive. Known for their unique ingredients, the chocolates are available in many flavours that your guests can discover and enjoy on their own!

POPxo Recommends: Barcode Chocolates

Tell It With Tea

We all remember the massive social media rage that was brought about by Shahid Kapoor’s wedding invite a few years back, and one of the attractive ingredients in his wedding invite was a distinct collection of exotic tea leaves. Well, why not try something similar for your own wedding? Your guests will definitely appreciate it!

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Honey Jars


When it comes to catering to the sweet tooth, what could be a better way to treat your guests than a collection of some organic honey? Not only will this be super healthy, but you can also customise the packing with your wedding label! Throw in some jaggery and you will have the recipe ready for the perfect winter wedding invite!

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Cakes in Jars 

Cake jars and Hampers for Wedding Gift Ideas

The majority of people have a thing for jars- eating out of them, storing things in them and using them for stationary. Thrive on this craze and gift your guests a set of jars with some sumptuous, lip-smacking fresh cakes. Even when the cake is gone, at least they can keep the jars. 

POPxo Recommends: Cake Jars& Hampers

Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn for wedding gift ideas

Light, crunchy and tasty! If you don’t want to sweat it out searching for something appropriate with your wedding invite, give your guests assorted gourmet popcorn and let their inner child be happy. Experiment with flavours and don’t stick to the run-of-the-mill ones.

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