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13 Beautiful Sarees Every Bride-To-Be Needs In Her Trousseau!

13 Beautiful Sarees Every Bride-To-Be Needs In Her Trousseau!

Sarees will always be a woman’s favourite garment to drape. And your bridal trousseau isn’t and cannot be complete without a few beautiful, embellished and classic sarees that you’ll wear for many ceremonies and occasions! In fact, in so many Indian cultures, brides get married wearing a saree instead of a lehenga. Your mother will definitely have a treasure trove of sarees, each having a story woven along the occasion she wore it for.
But do you remember the last time she wore it? Probably not. Sarees bought for your trousseau often never see the light of the day from underneath your cramped closet after your wedding functions are over. But here are a few bridal trousseau sarees you can re-use, re-wear and re-purpose again and again, long after your wedding functions are over!

1. Go Pastel

1 trousseau sarees Can it look any better? A saree with pastel accents. It’s not only sophisticated but can also be re-worn without a second thought. You can wear it at your friend's sangeet, and even for someone’s reception party! Price: Rs 12,580. Buy it here.

2. Maroon Lash!

2 trousseau sarees There’s no doubt that this saree speaks bridal, but you could throw on a neutral blouse - say, beige - and tone down the bling without any fuss. Price: Rs 13,699. Buy it here.

3. Multi-colour!

3 trousseau sarees Neon colours will definitely bring all the attention on you, but let your saree make a statement for itself. Ditch the jewellery you would have worn for your wedding ceremonies and keep it simple. Price: Rs 11,070. Buy it here.

4. The Lehenga Saree

4 trousseau sarees Looks like a lehenga, acts like a saree - it’s the best thing for your sangeet, right? Repeat this two-in-one attire by opting for a simpler pallu when you’re wearing it otherwise!
Price: Rs 13,950. Buy it here.

5. Heavy Beauty

5 trousseau sarees This one is a little on the heavier side with so many embellishments. You can totally wear it to a winter wedding by adding a pashmina shawl over it to reduce the sparkly effect. Price: Rs 26,589. Buy it here.

6. Black Beauty

6 trousseau sarees If you’re the edgy bride who’d go against all odds and make black a part of her trousseau...this number is for you! Take your saree out for a spin, already! We know you can style it easily. Price: Rs 6,990. Buy it here.

7. Delicate Embroidery

7 trousseau sarees A little embroidery did harm to nobody ever. For this saree, just keep your hairstyle simple. Keep your hair open, may be and get going. P.S.: It’s perfect for a sangeet function! Price: Rs 12,040. Buy it here.

8. Blue-oed!

8 trousseau sarees This saree has the most cosmopolitan yet traditional vibe to it. You can be in the limelight anywhere you go. Even if you’re wearing it for Diwali! Price: Rs 7,990. Buy it here.

9. Benarasi Beauty

9 trousseau sarees Benarsi silk, the city of Varanasi and all that history make this saree a treasure piece to own. Then why not revisit the memories by repeating it and draping it in different styles?
Price: Rs 19,990. Buy it here.

10. Simplicity Rules!

10 trousseau sarees A chiffon saree goes a long way in looking elegant yet maintaining a minimalist magic about your personality. This saree is for your to repeat and wear if you don’t like the jing-bang! Price: Rs 5,895. Buy it here.

11. Stealthy Glamour

11 trousseau sarees This shiny, bejewelled saree is a sure eye-catcher. It will win over not just everybody at your wedding, but even after your bridal functions are over! Price: Rs 11,234. Buy it here.

12. Sequin Style!

12 trousseau sarees If you love sequin studded drapes, then this one might be your best kept bridal saree secret. It looks so graceful because of the off-beat colour, yet has a glamorous charm to it. Price: Rs 5,795. Buy it here.

13. Edgy Yet Bright!

13 trousseau sarees For those who like being different, pick up this bridal saree to wear to any of your wedding functions and repeat it by draping it in a different style, again and again. It’s the right mix of tastefulness and edginess! Price: Rs 11,575. Buy it here. A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.
Published on Aug 18, 2016
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