7 Easy Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair Without *Expensive* Products!

7 Easy Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair Without *Expensive* Products!
Getting fabulous hair and maintaining it that way doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. Expensive products don’t necessarily imply gorgeous locks, but constant research based TLC does! Try out these simple tricks to cut down on the time, effort and cash spent on trying to get beautiful & problem free locks.

1. Oil your hair regularly

1 better hair without expensive products

Oiling your hair as often as possible gives it a natural boost of shine and bounce. It also eliminates the need for frequent and expensive spa treatments as it keeps your mane hydrated and healthy.

2. Get regular trims (even if your hair isn’t long)

Once you have a haircut you’re happy with, maintain it by getting trims every 6-8 weeks if you have long hair and 4-6 weeks if your hair is short. This helps maintaining the style without you having to shell out a lot of cash for fancy haircuts, since a full blown haircut costs way more than a mere trim. Plus, trims keep split ends at bay, which means happy hair!

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3. Try conditioner on dry hair

3 better hair without expensive products

If your hair is feeling way too dry and frizzy, use your regular conditioner on dry hair before you shower. Dry hair soaks in the conditioner as it is not saturated with water. Put on a shower cap, steam (optional) and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Wash and condition as usual. This works as a quick DIY alternative to a hair spa and double conditions your locks.

4. Style without heat

Less heat styling means less money spent on heat styling gadgets and products. If you like your hair wavy, scrunch it when it is wet and wear it in a tight braid or a bun when you hit the sheets. Sleep wearing a low and loose ponytail if you like your locks to be on the straighter side.

5. Multitasking products instead of multiple products

5 better hair without expensive products

The market is filled with multitasking products and tools. If heat styling is your thing, opt for a multi-functional heat styler which comes with various straightening and curling options. If going heatless is your way, then opt for a good leave-in product with light hold that combats frizz and adds shine without weighing the hair down.

6. Massages go a long way

Regular massages boost blood circulation and stimulate hair growth all the while brightening up lifeless hair. If your hair is healthy, you will require lesser products, time and effort to style it. Make sure to pamper yourself with massages every now and then because the benefits are truly boundless!

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7. DIYs work wonders

7 better hair without expensive products

There are plenty of ingredients in your house that are amazing for your hair. These range from essential oils (olive, coconut, almond) to daily consumables (curd, milk, honey etc.). A little research goes a long way in determining which ingredients (or a combination of them) work best for your hair type. People have had gorgeous hair for centuries before fancy and expensive hair products were invented, so we should learn a lesson or two from our ancestors.

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