8 Top Tips To Repeat Your Outfits Without Anyone Noticing It!

8 Top Tips To Repeat Your Outfits Without Anyone Noticing It!
Figuring out different ways to repeat your favourite pieces and outfits can be pretty tricky. How are you supposed to wear something again and again without anyone noticing? Especially when you love posting pics on Snapchat and Instagram! Since we all have clothes that we adore, and let’s be realistic, we can’t afford to only wear them once, we give you a guide to repeating your clothes like a total pro. With all the time and money we invest in our wardrobe, everyone needs a few tips to make repeating our outfits a little less obvious.

1. Spend More On Separates

1 tips on repeating your clothes

Investing in separates like skirts, tops, jackets and pants make it easier to mix and match and create different ensembles using the same pieces. They’re easier to repeat more often than a single outfit like a dress or a jumpsuit.

2. Basics To The Rescue

It’s much easier to recycle solid pieces than statement ones. You may want to wait for a while before repeating a bold print that people will remember. It’s easier to recycle a plainer outfit and basic accessories more inconspicuously as well as to style them differently.

3. Use Accessories To Distract

3 tips on repeating your clothes

The easiest way to take attention away from a repeated outfit is by throwing on some accessories. A statement necklace, a colourful stack of bangles, an oversized tote, bold danglers or sky-high heels can help add an interestingly new twist to a recycled outfit.

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4. Get Layering

Layering is an art that really helps make the best use of the items in your closet and can help you create unique looks. It’s no wonder fashion bloggers layer their clothes as a hobby. Throw on a crop top over a plain tee or a quirky sweater on top of a dress to turn it into a skirt. Use a belt to cinch a dress at the waist to give it a totally different silhouette, wear a sleeveless dress on top of a tee or shirt or pair a tunic with shorts instead of leggings. You can come up with endless combinations that can sneakily help you wear your fav pieces again and again.

5. Change Your Hair and Makeup

5 tips on repeating your clothes

Opt for a totally different look if you’re planning on repeating an outfit. Instead of open hair and neutral lips go for a topknot, a fishtail braid or a high ponytail and dark lips. It will totally alter your look even if you’re wearing something for the eighth time!

6. A Jacket For The Win

Giving new life to an old outfit can be achieved by simply throwing on a jacket. A well-cut blazer can give it a more polished feel, an embellished jacket can dress it up for the night and a hip bomber can bring a new edge to an outfit you’ve worn a lot.

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7.  Be A DIY Queen

7 tips on repeating your clothes

Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be particularly crafty, there are plenty of easy DIYs you can try. Make a long skirt appear shorter by tucking in and pinning the hem, add a detachable collar to a shirt or give an old tee a makeover with pretty pins, brooches and even colourful badges like Alia Bhatt.

8. Have Fun!

The most important thing is to have fun. Experiment with your existing wardrobe, mix and match and be amazed at all the awesome combinations you had no idea were right in front of you!

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