8 Useful Tips For Organizing A Shaadi Function At Home!

8 Useful Tips For Organizing A Shaadi Function At Home!
The all-important shaadi waala ghar is the hub for all the festivities that happen during a wedding. Every corner of the house is buzzing with activity – one part of the house has all the cousins preparing for the dance performances for the sangeet, while another room has the mother of the bride frantically making phone calls to the phoolwaala/ outfit designers/ mehendiwaalas, etc., and another corner has the uncles sitting together planning when would be an appropriate time to open up a few beers. The staff of the house has been trained and given full-fledged instructions to be present at all times and ensure all the guests are taken care of. And if, in the midst of all of this, you also have to host a wedding function at home – well, you can only imagine the chaos around that. Here’s our guide to organizing a function at home a complete success.

1. Judge the size of the house and plan the guest list accordingly

Having a function at home is a whole different ballgame from having one at a hotel or farmhouse. Mostly, there are some space constraints at home. So, be practical, and realistically plan how many people your house can accommodate. Crowding your function will only cause discomfort to you and your guests.

1 organizing a function at home

2. Brief your tentwaalas well in advance

Have them do a recce of your place and plan the look of the event in advance. You can even let them know of any specifications that you might have – like ensuring they don’t dig holes in your lawn area or put too many nails in the walls of your house. Meeting them in advance will help you visualize the event and tackle any hiccups that may come your way during the function.

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3. Have a designated area for the function and festivities

You don’t want your guests loitering around in every nook and corner of your home, do you? So, make it a point to lock certain doors and clearly demarcate the designated areas for guests and the party on the whole.

3 organizing a function at home

4. Have your garden pruned, floors polished, and furniture squeaky clean

The hotels, farmhouses or banquets, where wedding functions usually happen, have a team in charge of maintenance and cleanliness of the venue. Ensure that your entire house is neat and clean before the function begins. Not only that, have your staff clean up during the function as well so that your guests are comfortable. This will also be the backdrop of all the function photos and any dirt/ rubbish in any place will only be an eyesore.

5. You might need a gen-set

This is something you’ll have to figure with your event decorators. The lighting in your home may not be apt for a function and you might require LED lighting and some flood lights that’ll brighten up your function. This could, in turn, mean some sort of a power backup system. Gen-sets are available on rent too.

5 organizing a function at home

6. Inform your neighbours beforehand

A wedding function would definitely mean lots of loud music, festivities, guests and cars in your neighbourhood. Either you invite all your neighbours too, or at least inform them well in advance so that you don’t have grumpy faces complaining to you in the middle of your function.

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7. Portable loos

This is a must. Consider the math - even if every guest visits the washroom twice (taking an average), your house loos probably won’t manage a flush some 300 times in a span of 3-4 hours only. That definitely calls for portable loos. Plan smart, ladies.

7 organizing a function at home

8. Plan the parking

While your house might be able to accommodate your guests, fixing a parking area for each of their cars might be a challenge. Figure out space for that and have in place a valet service that can do the needful as the guests arrive at your gates and leave.

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