What To Do If You’re On Your Period On Your Wedding Day

What To Do If You’re On Your Period On Your Wedding Day
Not every bride visits the gynaecologist well in advance and does what’s necessary to ensure she’s not on her period on the wedding day. The reasons vary – for some, it’s too late by the time they realize their dates are exactly on the days of the wedding functions, and for the others, well, they’d rather not be down on their honeymoon, which follows right after the wedding. Then there is also the category whose period cycle gets warped due to wedding planning stress and the monthly flow comes unexpectedly on the wedding day! Worry not, brides-to-be, we’ve got your back. Here are 11 things to keep in mind if you’re on a bride on her period on the day of the wedding - they’ll make things easier and more comfy for you, despite the heavy wedding lehenga, bridal jewellery and high heels!

1. Cover up any bloat

If you get your period unexpectedly, and have a bridal outfit which flaunts your otherwise toned stomach, here’s a tip for you. Many of us get a swollen tummy during those days of the month, so when your stylist is draping your dupatta, ask him/ her to do it in a way that covers your tummy. Besides, covering up will also help keep you cosy and comfy.

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2. Opt for a full-length blouse

If you’re aware well in advance that you’re going to be on your period on your wedding day, ask your tailor/ designer to make you a full-length blouse. This will keep you warm and hide the swollen tummy as well.

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3. Keep painkillers handy

Period cramps can be such a buzzkill. And those pains when you’re already wearing a massive lehenga, jewellery and are an extraordinarily emotional bride? Pop a painkiller prescribed by your doctor before you head to the venue, and keep some handy in case you need another one during the course of the wedding function too.

4. Tampons over pads, any day!

If you can get used to it, opt for tampons and not pads. Tampons will be a more fuss-free option, and let’s not discount the discomfort of a moist pad on your big day.

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5. Do that double padding

If you can’t do tampons, the smartest option would be to wear two pads together. We get that this doesn’t sound very pleasant and comfortable, but it definitely gives you a better chance to stay stain-free on a day when you have to move around in heavy attire and exchange pleasantries with hundreds of people.

6. Ask your sister/ bestie to carry extra meds and pads

You must make a pouch with some extra pads, meds and underwear too, and hand it to your sister or bestie to keep with her throughout the function. Instruct her to come to you every half hour to ask if you need a change or a washroom break.

7. Sip on warm water instead of cold sodas and other drinks

Cold drinks aren’t advised when on your period. Instead, sip on warm water or tea. This will ease your pain and discomfort, and you’ll sail through the function without a bother.

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8. Take washroom breaks often, and change up

We understand that it’s tough for the bride to get a time-out every now and then since she is the centre of attention and all the guests want to wish her and get clicked with the couple. However, give instructions to your bestie to somehow pull you out often enough so you can wash up and change your pad/ tampon. Of course, this will also relieve you of the anxiety of staining that gorgeous wedding lehenga.

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9. You will be EXTRA cranky – bring on the waterproof makeup!

Most brides go for waterproof makeup anyway. After all, you’re bound to be emotional on your wedding day, and being on your period will only make that worse. So make it a point to mention that to your makeup artist, so you don’t have runny makeup on your D-day! Also have some compact in your emergency pouch, so that you can pack back any makeup that begins to spread due to crying.

10. Period pimple woes

We all are familiar with the period pimple, aren’t we? Be prepared for that and let it not spoil your mood on your wedding day. Ice it as many times as you can before you start getting your makeup done, as that will help reduce the redness and inflammation. Leave the rest for the makeup artist to deal with. He/ she will cover that up nice and proper, and you’ll look flawless anyway!

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11. Chowki seating in the mandap

Some mandaps make provision for gaddi seating for the bride, groom, the parents and the panditji. Ask your wedding planners/ decorators to provide high chowki seating for you. Sitting on gaddis on a day like this could be more uncomfortable than you think.

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