13 Ways EVERY Girl Misses Her Mom After Getting Married!

13 Ways EVERY Girl Misses Her Mom After Getting Married!
Getting married is life-changing in so many ways, but the biggest change of all is moving into a new home. It is not easy to leave the house where you’ve made just about a million memories, and then to accept the fact that you may not see your parents every single day and live with them under the same roof. Although you will miss your home and every single member of your family, it is your mom whom you will miss the most. Bidding her goodbye is the hardest goodbye ever, and one which is accompanied by the most amount of tears. Here is how we miss our moms after getting married.

1. When you have to wake up on your own...

… And when the morning alarm rings, there is no one to whom you can say, “Mummy bas 5 minute aur.”

1 miss our mom (1)

2. When breakfast time doesn’t feel the same anymore...

… Because you cannot hear your mom’s familiar voice ringing through your ears saying, “Naashta lelo beta, thanda ho jaega.

3. When having tea is no longer as much fun…

… Because tea was just an excuse to spend more time with her and have your mother-daughter gossip sessions, and now you are just sipping on tea with a bunch of people you hardly know - it’s just not the same.

3 miss our mom

4. When late night gossip sessions aren’t the same...

Because a late night chat with mommy dearest - as we sip on green tea in our PJs - is a thing of the past now.

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5. Whatever happened to those weekend shopping trips with mommy...

When the weekend arrives, you miss your shopping sprees with her.

5 miss our mom

6. You dress up but you are not sure how you *really* look...

When you dress up and want a genuine opinion on how you look, you cannot just walk to the next room and ask her, “Mamma, yeh theek lag raha hai?” And she isn’t around to give an honest reply.

7. When cooking is so much harder… And not nearly as much fun.

While you are cooking in your new home, you cannot ask her “Isme aur kya daalu?” or “Isko kitni der gas pe rakhna hai” or “Mamma namak check karna ek baar.

7 miss our mom

8. Visiting your favourite spots takes you down the memory lane...

This will happen each time you go out with your in-laws to some place you’re used to visiting with your mom.

9.  When food doesn’t taste like maa’s...

After a long, hard day at work, and the only thing you really want is maa ke hath ka khana… but then you realize she isn’t around.

9 miss our mom

10. When you realize you can’t throw too many tantrums anymore...

… Because she isn’t around to pamper you.

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11. When you realize that she made sure you never ran out of basic things like toiletries...

It could be lotion or deodorant or even cotton balls for that matter, the tiny things you need… and now you suddenly realize how she always made sure you never ran out of them.

11 miss our mom

12. When you look at photos of the both of you...

As you flip through your phone and come across your pics with her, you cannot help but well up a little.

13. When you’ve had a terrible day...

... And she isn’t around to smother you with hugs and kisses, and make it all better in a matter of just a few minutes.

13 miss our mom

Such is life, ladies. So, never ever let go of an opportunity to tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Go on… Give her a hug :)

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